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The New York Mets are dealing with a number of injuries at the start of their rotation, and will reportedly be looking to tackle swing depth across the roster before the August 2 trading deadline.

SNY’s Andy Martino reports that the National League East team “will not only be looking for late relief assistance over the next couple of months, but the quality of the show in general, although they expect Jacob Degrom, Max Scherzer and Taylor Miguel to return.”

For the Mets to be a buyer by the deadline is nothing but a surprise.

After all, they are leading the NL East by nine games at 38-19 after not making the playoffs since the 2016 campaign. This is a golden opportunity not only to reach the post-season, but also to challenge for their first title since the famous 1986 group that defeated the Boston Red Sox in the Championship the scientist.

Scherzer and Miguel have not progressed since May, and Degrom has yet to advance this season.

While DeGrom and Scherzer are two of the best bowlers in baseball and will give the Mets one to two dominant hits in any playoff series, the team also needs more weapons to beat the long season.

What’s more, Martineau noted that “the way teams have planned the game in the post-season in recent years” is also one reason why New Yorkers are interested in freshmen as well as potential ballin trade candidates such as David Robertson and Andrew Chavin.

Beginners can move into the Bullpen in October and help cover all the important roles mid-games, also keeping the elite arms healthy as the pursuit of the world championship continues.

Getting a mid-level apprentice who can do that might be the route New York chooses, because it doesn’t want to trade top leads like catcher Francisco Alvarez and third baseman Brett Patty, per Martino.

That could limit their ability to make a game changer, but they already have two of those at DeGrom and Scherzer. The extra depth may be the key to a deep interval run.

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