NHL Betting Market Report: Daily Picks, Advice for Monday, June 6

Welcome to the Daily NHL Betting Market Report, your source for a comprehensive and dynamic analysis of hockey betting. This page will be updated throughout the day as needed. Be on the lookout for player support bets. All recommended bets track as 1 unit (a bet to win 1 unit on the favorite and risk 1 unit on the underdog) unless otherwise stated. If you want, you can use the drop of the pattern to bet in proportion to the perceived edge.

All game lines via VSiN’s Odds NHL page. All stats provided by Advanced Hockey. Follow me Twitter.

register: 112-110, +-6.65 units, -2.9 percent ROI

Market report summary for Sunday, June 5

There were no recommended bets on Sunday. The single player’s bet (Igor Shesterkin over 30.5 stops) was a winner. I predicted the lightning would generate 35 shots north on goal, and they hit the net 51 times.

Market report for Monday, June 6

Let’s take a look at the match 3 of the Eastern Conference Final from a betting perspective.

Colorado Avalanche (-130) at Edmonton Oilers (+110)

It’s easy to spot Edmonton’s chances of winning the series in a row because they must win four games in a row to stay alive. You can use the closing lines from the first three games to get an estimate, which would be about three percent. This means that the fair odds are about 32/1, so please don’t bet 20/1. The Colorados kept the Oilers with just 53 shots in their last two games, and the Oilers had all kinds of problems. Evander Kane has been suspended for one match due to injury Nazem Kadri, meaning the Oilers will be without their top scorers in the fourth game. Clearly, Leon Drystel and Darnell a nurse aren’t 100 percent either. Both players deserve full marks for trying to take them down, but the former doesn’t make as much of an impact as he usually does, and the latter has turned out to be a huge liability in his territory.

In the short term, losing Kane does more damage to the Ayers than losing Kadri (which was done for the series) doing an avalanche. Colorado is a much deeper team and JT Compher is a great example. He slipped into my destiny place on the second line and scored one goal. Compher scored three goals in the Western Conference final and five in the playoffs. Avalanche has the experience driving teams out now, and they’re in a good position to do so on Monday. Expected goals (all positions) are 7.3-3.8 in favor of avalanche over the last two games. The Oilers tried to come back in the first game, nearly erasing the Colorado lead by four, and this seemed to have awakened the avalanche on the fact that they couldn’t handle their opponents easily.

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