Peter Schrager shares the details of Sean McVeigh’s wedding

After canceling twice due to COVID-19, Sean McVeigh and fiancée Veronica finally signed the contract in Los Angeles over the weekend. McVeigh joked last week that it felt like he’d been engaged “for about 12 years” due to the delay in the wedding, but the party seemed to be worth the wait.

NFL Network’s Peter Schrager, a close friend of McVay, received an invitation to the wedding and on Monday’s “Good Morning Football,” he shared all the details from the weekend. For starters, the guest list was the identity of the football community.

Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Cope, Andrew Whitworth and Conor Barwin were all in attendance, and there were probably many other players there as well. But the group that really raised the number of employees were McVeigh’s trained colleagues.

Cliff Kingsbury, Brandon Staley, Matt LaFleur, Joe Barry, William Quinn, and Raheem Morris received invitations, as they threw parties with Mr. and Mrs. McVay in Los Angeles, and there were also several of McVay’s former assistant coaches: Jay Grodin, Kevin O’Connell, Fish’s grandfather Dave Ragon, Aubrey Pleasant.

“It was great seeing all the people in Sean’s coaching life come out and travel from all these different places,” Schrager said.

As for the king of the dance floor, this title went to Maurice.

“This is the most attractive man in football,” Schrager said. “When I tell you this guy walked into the room and the entire players section into the coaches section was like, ‘Ah, Raheem Morris is the winner. We went up to the dance floor and Raheem got everyone off their feet and said, ‘No, we’re going to dance. We’re not going to sit in the hall and talk about 9th road.'” Rah brought him. He’s the best.”

Schrager said the food was delicious, and it starts with “a delicious sushi dish when you first get there, and I’m not talking about the sushi you get at the Port Authority bus stop.”

“I am talking about some of the best sushi I have ever seen. Sushi that may have been rolled straight from the Pacific Ocean,” he said. There was also a delicious burrata to start, and a choice of fish or steak for dinner.

Based on what Schrager recalled about the night, it seems McVeigh’s wedding lived up to the hype.

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