Rich Eisen has a deep belief in the future of Dolphins QB

General Manager Chris Greer and coach Mike McDaniel have done a lot to improve the Miami Dolphins’ offensive this off-season.

They addressed the offensive line’s problems, they added new weapons in running back and wide reception and brought in some experienced offensive coaches to teach a new system.

This puts a lot of pressure on Tua Tagovailoa to show its ability to produce when there are a lot of pieces already in place. In the past, he’s had to worry about rumors about Deshaun Watson or Tom Brady coming to take his job, but this year, it’s all on him.

However, after 2022, no one will guess.

During a segment titled “What’s More Likely” on a recent episode of “The Rich Eisen Show,” Aizen was asked a question regarding the future of dolphins in the position. Is Tagovailoa likely to have 30 total touchdowns (passing and sprinting) in 2022 or is Brady the Miami quarterback in 2023?

Aizen’s answer was surprising.

“That’s the most likely – that Twa is struggling and Brady is the quarterback in 2023,” Eisen said. “I don’t think Tua is going to unite in 30 touchdowns. That’s a lot of relegation, and I know that attack can turn into a lot of relegation, but he had to go from 33 in his first two seasons where he didn’t play a full season whether it was due to injury or The fact that he wasn’t ready when he was removed from recently retired Amazon star soon-to-be Ryan Fitzpatrick. That’s a tall order. That’s a tough request…I want Tua to succeed, but he’s not the quarterback next year, and he’s Brady? [That’s] Tua has collected more than 30 touchdowns this year.”

Tagoviloa has averaged 1.5 touchdowns per game in 2021 and will have to score two closest if he wants to get to 30. The number is completely arbitrary, but that’s the bare minimum for what a midfielder has to offer in this league, especially given all the of talent around him.

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