Sam Kerr opens up about relationship with Kristie and Sam Mewis – JWS

Sam Kerr gave listeners an inside look at her and Kristi Moyes’ relationship on the latest episode of the Snacks podcast with co-hosts Lynn Williams and Sam Moyes, Kristi’s sister.

The Australian striker admitted that Sam and Christy Moyes are more alike than either of them, especially Christy, would like to admit.

“They’re alike, but Kristi always makes fun of Sam because she had little ideas about regulation,” Kerr says. “She needs to plan everything. She is just like Sam is like her.”

Kerr also embraces the confusion that comes from the same name as Kristi’s sister, even laughing at the couple’s fan nickname. “A lot of people say the relationship name is Sam Moyes,” she says.

After spending Christmas with the Mewis family, Kerr takes a closer look at Kristie and Sam’s relationship.

“The dynamic of she and Kristi in front of me is just hilarious. They’re like the same mixed-up person,” Kerr said of Sam, adding that her favorite thing about the snack host is her dog Finn.

Kerr has been more vocal about her feelings for Christie, giving insight into the couple’s dynamic.

“My favorite thing is how much fun we have together,” Kerr says. “Like, we’re literally just the biggest idiot balls and just have the most fun ever.”

Listen to the full episode of Snacks for more Kerr’s insights into the Mewis sisters.

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