The WPT World Championships in Wynn will be the largest pool of live GTD poker jackpots ever

Next December, in where in Las Vegas World Poker Tour (WPT) You will host a historic event that will set a record for Largest guaranteed jackpot in live poker historyAnyone can make their way into the field.

The WPT World Championship$10,400 No-Limit Hold’em event, starting at From December 12 to 20 And – get this – promises at least $15 million in prize money will be granted.

When running a course, assuming overlap is avoided, it will have the largest field of any course with a subscription fee of $10,000 or more outside World Series of Poker (WSOP) (Excluding purchases of $1 million). If the high guarantees are fulfilled, the historic event will have at least 1,500 participants and many millionaires will be made.

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The tournament is the crown jewel of the Wynn Booker Festival from which it begins December 1-20 It contains WPT World Championshipa Prime Minister’s ChampionshipPopularity is always back Wayne Mystery Bounty. The complete schedules for the series are not available yet but are expected to be released in the near future.

CEO of WPT Adam Plisk He knows he’s swinging for the fences with a guaranteed $15 million prize pool, but he’s confident that his organization will hit one upstairs.

“This is one of the most ambitious initiatives the World Series of Poker has undertaken in our 20-year history.”

“This is one of the most ambitious initiatives the World Series of Poker has taken in our 20 year history. We expect this festival to be highly anticipated and we are thrilled to partner with Wynn Las Vegas to bring this concept to life,” Pliska said.

Day one of the WPT World Championships will begin on December 12, 13 and 14, with the champion being crowned on December 20. Players can enter all three days of the first day if they choose, but they can only enter each ride once.

In addition to the historic event, the World Series of Poker will host a WPT Prime Championship where from December 8-12. The $1,100 televised event guarantees at least $2 million for the pot.

In addition, the Wayne Mystery Bounty From From 16 to 19 December He has a $2 million guarantee. One lucky winner will also receive a mysterious $100,000 reward envelope.

You don’t need $10,400 to participate in the World Championships. In fact, some will earn a seat once they win the playoffs club. At least 200 online qualifiers will join the field and many more contestants will be able to make their way via live satellite. More details will become available soon.

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Even bigger than where are the millions

Andrew Moreno Win Millions
Andrew Moreno, winner of the 2021 Wynn Millions Main Event.

In the summer of 2021 and last spring, Win Millions main event The guaranteed $10 million tournaments set a record for the largest prize pools of $10,000 in Las Vegas history, outside of the WSOP of course.

And both events exceeded the guarantees and achieved resounding successes. Andrew Moreno He won the first edition in July 2021 for $1,460,106, beating A 1,328 participants She received the largest portion of the $12,483,200 prize pool.

last March, Tony Senstag He finished the same tournament with $1,655,952, beating out A 1,075 participating fieldswhich generated a prize pool of $10,105,000.

“We offer our guests the biggest and best poker experiences available, along with world class service and amenities that can only be found at Wynn Las Vegas,” he said. Ryan BeauregardCEO of Poker Operations at Wynn Las Vegas. “In partnership with WPT, we have created a festival that will be a one-of-a-kind, must-attend event for our existing and new players.”

Poker fans and players can expect more from Wynn and WPT in the future.

“We are very pleased with our multi-year partnership with Wynn Las Vegas,” he said. Angelica HaleVice President of Global Tour Management at the World Series of Poker. Along with the WPT Prime and various activities planned, the WPT World Series Festival puts a historic exclamation point on Season 20 of the World Poker Tour:

The largest live tournament pool outside of the WSOP was held in the Bahamas in January 2019. With 1,039 players registered for a $25,000 entry. PokerStars Players Championshipspecific event for Back next JanuaryThe prize pool has reached $26,455,500. Ramon Coliasan amateur at the time from Spain, She won it for $5,100,000.

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