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LIV Golf, the breakaway golf tournament backed by Saudi Arabia in a bid to position itself as a major contender on the PGA Tour, appears to have tried to persuade the biggest name in golf to join the fold.

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, told Kent Babb of Washington Post (H/R Joel Bell of Golf Digest) that Woods was offered a deal that was “amazingly colossal; we’re talking about nine figures high.”

Woods previously told reporters that he is committed to the PGA Tour:

“you know, [Phil Mickelson] He has his say where he sees golf going. I have my own perspective on how I see golf, have supported the tour and my organization has run events on the tour for a number of years. I just think that what jack [Nicklaus] and Arnold [Palmer] I did starting the Tour and splitting from the American PGA and creating our Tour in ’68 or ’69, somewhere in there, I just think there’s a legacy to that.

“I’ve played here for two years over decades, and I think there’s a legacy to that. I still think the Tour has a lot to offer, a lot of opportunities. … I understand different points of view, but I believe in legacies, I believe in the major tournaments, I believe in big events, And comparisons with historical figures in the past. There is a lot of money here. And the tour is growing. But it’s like any other sport. It’s like tennis. You have to go there and earn it. You have to go there and play for it. We have a chance to go ahead and do it. This is not guaranteed at first.”

Beall noted that PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said players will be suspended or possibly even banned if they join LIV Golf. The PGA Tour also denied allowing players to take part in the rival league’s opening event in London, which begins on Thursday and conflicts with the RBC Canadian Open.

Woods wasn’t the only member of the Golf Kings to exemplify the Saudi-backed league’s approach.

Jack Nicklaus, who holds the record for major slams at age 18 and hosts the Memorial Tournament on the PGA Tour schedule, told Michael Bamberger of Fire Pit Collective that “the Saudis offered him well over $100 million, to do the job probably similar to that of Greg.” [Norman] he did.”

He also said, “I have no interest in wanting to do something like that. I don’t care what kind of money they were going to pump me in. My loyalty was to the PGA Tour. I grew up on the PGA Tour. I helped find the PGA Tour what it is today. My loyalty It exists and will remain there.”

Norman told Babb that Niklaus is a “hypocritical” who previously suggested LIV Golf would be “good for our game”.

Norman also said that Rory McIlroy is someone who has been “brainwashed” by “monopolists” on the PGA Tour after the four-time main champ told reporters that LIV Golf isn’t something to “jump up and down”.

This field will include Phil Mickelson, who has announced his signature with the rival league although he still intends to play in teams:

Phil Mickelson @Phil Mickelson


Brentley Roman The Gulf Channel reported that Lefty’s contract is worth about $200 million, making him part of a group that includes Dustin Johnson, Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen, Kevin Na and Sergio Garcia and may compete in London.

There are some notable names, but the big money wasn’t enough to impress Woods.

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