‘A Call to Charms’ – Memorabilia that fuels the Stanley Cup race at Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa – As the Tampa Bay Lightning team attempted to become the first NHL team to win three consecutive Stanley Cups since 1983, they felt the need for all the good fortune they could muster. So they asked the “ultimate fan act” of Lightning believers: bestow personal luck charms on the team.

Which is a huge request, given how superstitious everyone was during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

They called it an “invitation to magic.” The Lightning collected everything from jewelry to dolls to jerseys to Bernie Lomax cardboard cutouts from “Weekend at Bernie’s,” and had fans put the items inside a large transparent lightning bolt. In home games, the Lucky Charm is displayed in the lobby from level 300. The bolt is placed in the luggage compartment and travels with the team when it hits the road.

The fans who presented their trinkets have been highlighted on the official Lightning website. They include:

Raymond Boone, “Barry the Stress Relief Cow” During the five-time overtime match [in 2020]He’s out and we’re just starting to push. Of course, coincidentally, the moment he was under pressure, Brayden Point scored the winning goal in overtime. Barry is a legend now,” Boone told Lightning.

The Stanton Family, “Lightning Tikis” The Tiki family created the Lightning theme heading into the playoffs, watched the team win the cup, and then happily felt the need to do it again this season.

Paul Driscoll – “Nikita Chiquita Shirt” Driscoll ate plums before every Lightning playoff game in 2020. In 2021, he switched to bananas. In honor of the return of the star Nikita Kucherov from surgery, he created a T-shirt with the Russian star in the form of a banana that read “Nikita Chikita”.

RJ & Luly Martin, “Plastic Goal Light” – “She was my mom. She was a huge fan of Lightning and she passed away three years ago. It just means so much to being able to share our luck with the team, now that you’re a part of Lightning,” Martin told the team.

So far, the Lightning team has lived a glamorous post-season life, advancing to the 2022 Eastern Conference finals – more than any of the previous five teams that have attempted to win three peats since the early 1980s.

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