Chris Heck, Sixers’ Chief Business Operations Officer, is stepping down

The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that Chief Commercial Officer Chris Heck is stepping down from his position to pursue new career opportunities.

Heck has held this position since 2017, after returning in 2013 alongside former CEO Scott O’Neill. Oversaw the construction of the new training complex in Camden and the renaming of the Delaware Blue Coats Sixers J-League Company.

Heck released a statement in the PR statement from the team:

“I would like to thank the leadership of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment for this incredible career opportunity to lead one of the most important brands in professional sports,” Heck said. “The past nine years have been the most rewarding and challenging of my career. Together with some wonderful colleagues, we have filled our stands with ardent fans, created lifelong memories, and secured the support and loyalty of dozens of global partners. Thank you to our extremely talented Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship staff at Sixers – You’re the best in the field. And most importantly, thanks to Philadelphia fans, you really are the best in the world.”

While Heck has made his mark on the Sixers in multiple ways, most fans will recognize him as the ‘#OnBrand’ man on Twitter, who might tease the Sixers’ new products and gear. This includes the off-white countless uniform, the gray Creed promotional uniform, the black city uniform of New Philadelphia, and most recently, the Spectrum uniform. The Sixers uniform has always been a topic of debate, but it’s nice to see Heck ending on a positive note with his best shirts to date.

Now, can we have the 2001 throwbacks, please?

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