Giants Mandatory Mini Camp Day Two: Saquon Barkley, Ritchie James, No Helmets, More Fast Food

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The New York Giants pulled back from their intensity on Wednesday as they held their second practice for a mandatory junior camp. Let’s move on to some fast food.

Exercise without a helmet

Tom Coughlin would have been a flop had he seen the team’s final stretch of training Wednesday. The Giants took a helmet-less walk with quarterback Daniel Jones – likely receiving plays over the radio in his helmet – the only player out of 22 players on the field wearing a helmet.

This was the kind of day he was at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Ahead of training, head coach Brian Dabol talked about balancing getting reps for players versus thinking about long-term health.

“I think that’s a valid question. Look, there is a time to be smart and there is a time to make sure you are pushing through things as best you can. So guys we should get a few of them on June 8th so they are fully operational,” Daboll said. on July 26The tenthI think this is intelligence.

“You push the guys in training camp, it’s probably the exact same thing and they don’t have a red shirt. It’s the second week in training camp, everyone is in pain, we know we are in pain, but we have to prepare to go, then there is time to push things.

“All we’re trying to do is try to be as healthy as we can when the training camp gets here.

Demo players are back

For the second day in a row, three of the test players participated in training. Wide receivers Kellan Doss, Isaiah Ford and narrow end Jayden Graham were in the field once again.

“I think it helps, too, to get another set of legs in here and run, but also to get a good rating of some of the guys you want to look at. You never know when you might want to add someone to the list,” said coach Brian Daboul. It could be today, it could be two weeks from now, three weeks from now.”

“You can get some of these guys here to look at. I think it helps.”

Doss, 6-foot-3, and weighing in at 215 pounds, played eight games for the Raiders in 2019 and one in 2020. He has 11 receptions.

Ford, 6-2, 194, was a seventh-round pick by the Miami Dolphins in 2017. He played in 32 games over four seasons with Dolphins, collecting 63 receptions.

Graham, 26, 6-4, 250 pounds, played for Yale. He initially signed with the Atlanta Falcons as an uncredited free agent in 2018. He played in 32 games with the Falcons during the 2019 and 2020 seasons, earning 12 assists.

Sacon Barclay’s Uniqueness

Earlier this week we talked about how much the Giants are using running back Saquon Barkley in this spring’s pass game.

“I think Sakon is a one-of-a-kind guy. You move him in different places, which makes other players have to learn other places as well. It really falls to the five eligible recipients or groups of employees you hope to take advantage of,” Daboll said.

“He has good hands, he is a good runner, a good runner. Try to use him in the best possible way.”

Dabol said Barkley, who has struggled with injuries for the past three seasons, “looked good physically.

“He was able to do everything we asked him to do. Run different courses when we do. This is more of a look at how camp is played. The ways we ask him to run, his speed, his ability to get in and out of breaks, his long pace,” Daboll said. , they all look good.

“I see a talented player. I am happy that he is in our team. We look forward to working with him. He has been fantastic since I was only here on the field, running around. He was fantastic.”

Richie James seizes the opportunity

There wasn’t a lot of competition during Wednesday’s training, but during one wide receiver 11-for-11 competitive segment, Ritchie James spotted a fading of Tyrod Taylor for the touchdown, edging out veteran linebacker Maurice Cannady. This was probably today’s play.

James, who was selected in the 2018 seventh innings by the San Francisco 49ers who signed the Giants this off-season, took advantage of a lack of coaching by Toni Cadarius, Sterling Shepherd and Kenny Goladay.

Aligned wide, on the hole and on the field, James has found the ball in his hands quite often in the past two days.

“He has the speed. He has the ability to play indoors and out. We really put him in all three or four positions when we go with four wide receivers,” Daboll said.

“I think my midfielders can read his body language. He has good hands, knows what he’s doing, can count on. So he was a good addition for us.”

James, who also has a lot of experience with kickoff and ball return, could push for a spot on the roster during training camp.

Graham Janow saves his teammates

The players celebrated when place player Graham Gano called a 53-yard field goal to end practice. Turns out Gano’s kick saved the team from some runs at the end of training. Therefore, Jano was the Wednesday training champ for the Giants.

red jerseys

The large group of players in contactless red jerseys has not changed since Tuesday. That group included Sterling Shepard, Tony Cadarius, Kenny Goladay, Blake Martinez, Quincy Roche, Andrew Thomas, Darnay Holmes, Colin Johnson, Garen Williams, Aaron Robinson, Darren Evans, Kayvon Tibodo, Nick Gates and Matt Burt.

Golladay was active during solos early in practice, going on the trails and catching a number of passes. Thomas, as has been the case recently, has done parts of the nursing and individual exercises but has been replaced by rookie Joshua Izudo during the team’s spells.

“big body pack”

Center John Feliciano complained on Tuesday that defensive coordinator Wink Martindale was about to “wink things” on Tuesday, such as putting 5-foot-11, 195-pound Julianne Love into the A-gap and his rush as a fullback.

I saw a few of them [offensive players] Crying earlier today. It has become strange. Yes, that’s a great body pack, and that’s obviously why I’m in it,” Love said. “But yeah, some things mixed up. He feels comfortable with me doing different things, and I feel really comfortable. I have 0.5; Sack I’m trying to find another half sack this year so I can get to the integers. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

Daboll admitted that Martindale’s defenses can be hard to spot.

“I’ve said this before with Wink. It’s hard to prepare for it. There are so many different shapes,” Daboll said. “Designer defenses, if you will, that you don’t see all the time that you have to be really good, good communicator, and do a lot.” From studying on it to find out some of the different protection things and stresses it brings.

“So, yeah, that’s one of the reasons we hired him.”

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