Heads wide receiver Greg Dieter retires from the NFL

You won’t read a file every day Arrowhead Pride A story about the retirement of a large-scale receiver in Kansas City, who was targeted only five times during his five-year career.

But this is one of those days.

During Share on social media On Wednesday, Kansas City’s Greg Dieter announced that he is withdrawing from the game.

Signed off as an uncredited free agent in 2017, Dieter has spent his entire career in Kansas City—almost all of it on the team’s coaching staff. He appeared in a total of 10 regular season games, receiving two passes for a total of 32 yards. He also appeared in three post-season games, during which he earned another pass for 11 yards.

He also saw great use in special teams during the games he was active in.

But that’s not why you know his name. You know it because of his friendship with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who also joined the team in 2017.

During his first two years with the team, Mahomes occasionally talked about his relationship with Dieter. Offseason videos of the Mahomes often showing him working with his forwards on the high school football fields, Dieter among those faltering passes.

Many observers eventually came to believe that Dieter remained in the coaching staff year after year due to his relationship with the midfielder initially. But the chiefs in Dieter likely saw someone who could play a number of different roles on the scouting team during rehearsals – and who came to work with the right behavior every day.

But things have changed now. Dieter didn’t appear in a single Chiefs game last year. While signing a reserve/future contract at the conclusion of the 2021 season, the team released him in early May. At the time, we saw this as a way for the Chiefs to bring more players into the junior camp; We considered it likely to be re-signed. But unlike some other players who were released at the same time, Deiter remained on the street after the mini-camp ended.

With 13 wide receivers currently on the team’s 90-man roster, it seems likely that Dieter has realized that even his chance of staying with the team’s coaching staff is now in jeopardy. He moves on to the next stage of his life with just over a million dollars in career earnings (and a Super Bowl ring) in his pocket – along with some great memories.

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