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Notes from the Buffalo Bills’ 8th Organized Team Activity Exercise this Spring Tuesday:

Josh Allen’s on-the-go accuracy was demonstrated during a voluntary, no-contact exercise within the ADPRO Athletic Training Center.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback completed consecutive passes on the long run after being sent off the pocket to highlight eight goals in 11v11 action.

The first completion was a field throw about 25 yards to the new Jamison Crowder receiver. On the next play, Allen speeded out of the pocket on his right and fired a pass over center into a narrow window to Isaiah McKenzie for about 20 yards.

A 14-yard touch pass to running back Devin Singletary capped the drive.

No. 2 quarterback Keenum’s case hit receiver Tanner Gentry in three finishes to get the foul into the scoring position in the next round from 11 to 11. But the defense came with a halt in play three and a goal from 8 when intense pressure forced Keenum to throw the ball wide outside the end zone.

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Best long ball contact was by Allen to Marquez Stevenson in the first play of a 7-on-7 action. Stevenson got behind rising linebacker Kair Elam. After that, Elam covered Crowder well to enforce non-completion. Cornerback Taron Johnson was all around Crowder’s deep pass from Keenum due to his incompleteness in an 11 on 11 action. Keenum’s best finish was a well-placed center throw to Gentry for tight coverage from Christian Benford. …it was Tyler Bass who kicked the place 5 for 5 on field goal attempts, making the latter from 51 yards.

Most of the team was present. Players not seen on the field are: forwards Roger Savold and Ike Boetger, who returned to Taiwan Jones, receiver Stefon Diggs, defensive ends Von Miller and Chuck Lawson, Jordan Boyer and Micah Hyde; and Cornerbacks Tre’Davious White and Cam Lewis. White and Poetjer are recovering from surgeries. Those players who did not participate but who have been training on the side include: Dawson Knox, Tommy Sweeney, Spencer Brown, Khalil Shakir, Jake Comero and Isiah Hudgens.

Defense coordinator Leslie Frazier, speaking for the first time since the end of last season, gave a written answer in the final 13 seconds of regulation time in the playoff loss in Kansas City.

“You always want to learn, that’s the key to getting ahead in our league and growing,” Frazier said. “And that’s off-season, as part of that, every season, me and the coaches and the players, you try to grow, you try to learn, you look back and you look forward. And there are definitely some things we could have done differently in this situation. And if it was given to us once in a while. Others, hopefully we can handle it better. I think we will. But you know, that’s what you have to be able to do. … You have to be flowy and move on. If you don’t, it will move on to the next season.

“And as I mentioned, I’ve had some tough losses, even in the other championship matches and some big wins in the championship matches. … 2022, and you have to deal with it that way. And I think our guys are doing that. You know, I think we’ve moved on from that.”

Frazier said he hopes Poyer, who is seeking a contract extension, will be in the field for mandatory small-camp practices next week. Boyer did not attend the spring volunteer sessions.

“We’ve been texting back and forth, just trying to keep them occupied that way,” Frazier said of Boyer and Hyde. “We had some good conversations back and forth. Of course, Micah has been here for a couple of weeks. So yeah, I think Jordan is in a good shape mentally. He is still in touch with his teammates and we hope to see him soon.”

General Manager Brandon Bean was sympathetic to Allen’s struggle off the tee at the “The Match” golf event in Las Vegas last week.

“I felt it a little bit,” said Bean, a single-digit manual laborer. “We’ve all been there. If you play golf, you get out there and it’s hard to fix what’s going on. And I would say Josh was probably like this baseball pitcher, when he’s not hitting, you start shooting a little bit. He was trying to get that thing out a little bit.”

Bean was appreciative of the fact that Allen was back in Orchard Park to train with the team the next day.

“What is the message about how important it is for air travel agencies to travel from Vegas to here to make sure he was in the field,” Bean said. “You know, he could have taken the whole week off.”

Penn believes retired Carolina midfielder Luke Kuechly could have a major career in a team management role if he wanted to. Kuechly was present at the Bills exercise last week.

“Luke is all ball all the time, unless he’s fishing,” Bean said. “I mean, he could do anything. Luke could be a head coach in this league. He could be the GM in this league. Maybe he could take my job very quickly. I mean, I’ve never been around someone who never wanted to do anything but stay around.” the ball “.

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