Pirate’s niece Tom Brady performs at the Girls’ College World Championship

Talk about good genes.

Maya Brady, niece of seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, led UCLA to victory Monday at the Women’s College World Championships. Maya Brady hit a pair of home runs in her semifinal match against seeded Oklahoma, resulting in a 7-3 victory for the Bruins. UCLA later lost their second game in the semi-finals, 15-0, and were eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterback Tampa Bay Pirates He tweeted his happiness with her efforts between games.

“His support has obviously made a huge impact for me,” Maya said. “He’s a big factor in my life, so it’s good to know that he supports me.”

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Brady’s three-time outburst in the third inning led UCLA to a 5-1 lead. She added a two-round shot in the seventh.

“Obviously our backs were against the wall in the first game, so we’re kind of trying to get something going,” she said.

Just like Tom, she loves to prove the critics wrong. She felt the Bruins were not expected to compete with Oklahoma, and said the first game showed they could.

“I think it just kind of showed – who we’ve known we’ve been all year,” Brady said. We knew we would be able to do it. Whether people believed it or not, it didn’t matter to us because we know what we can do. For us, that was just playing UCLA softball and it was just doing what we do every day, and we were just having fun.”

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