Roaring streak settles before history, Madonne wants another team, Stone’s legacy, overcome injuries, more

The Velez fired Joe Girardi and unlocked a cheat code to score against Josh Hader within five days.

Phillies captured Josh Hader’s point-free streak

Rebounding from the Angels’ weekend sweep, the Phyllis have their sights set on five straight wins in Milwaukee. They used the bump of their fiery still-powerful manager to do the unthinkable and hit not one, but two home off Josh Hader in the ninth inning at Miller Park (or whatever they call it these days).

The Phillies entered the ninth inning, trailing the Brewers with a Tour. Josh Hader entered the game with a Premier League football record of 40 consecutive goalless appearances going back to last season. Hadeer needed just three games last night to break the tie he had with former Astros underdog Ryan Presley for the longest streak in MLB history. Alec Bom didn’t have any of it.

Bohm’s home run crossed Hader’s record-breaking streak and finished with 32 consecutive saves that were successfully converted in the 2021 National League Reliever of the Year. Then more trouble came for Hader, this time in piracy Matt Vierling. On his first appearance since May 10, Ferling took a deep roar to give the Phillies a 3-2 lead. To add insult to injury to the Brewers, former Brewer Corey Knebel closed in on Milwaukee in the home half of the ninth inning as Philadelphia’s winning streak extended to five on Tuesday night.

The Phillies are unbeaten since Joe Girardi was fired on Friday afternoon, and while it’s too early to tell if that run was just a dead cat jump or something sustainable, the Phillies are now just three games under 0.500.

Madonne stunned by shooting angels

In a surprising turn of events, the Los Angeles Angels fired veteran head coach Joe Maddon on Tuesday afternoon amid a 12-game losing streak that saw their one-time half-game deficit grow to 9.5 games in less than a month. . In an exclusive Q&A with the athleteKen Rosenthal, Madonne seemed just as surprised as the rest of us.

“A little. In fact, a lot. You always depend on [the] Persons responsible for reading tea leaves correctly. This time, they didn’t. You didn’t even have to ask me. You can ask any of the players or coaches. They are the ones who really know. Perry (Minassian) was in a difficult situation. I understand that. Let me just put it this way. I will really rely on the feelings of the coaches and players.”

Madon described the Angels’ 12-game losing streak that ultimately cost him his job more as a “disaster” of injuries and stagnation than a lack of camaraderie or leadership at the club. As for whether you’ll see the 68-year-old director return to the bunker again at some point, Madon said he’s still interested.

“Of course. Of course, I want to manage. I’m really good at it.”

Check out Rosenthal’s entire conversation with Joe Maddon here:

Four decades of stone dowry

Steve Stone celebrated 40 years at the broadcast booth Tuesday night when the Los Angeles Dodgers visited the White Sox Club on Chicago’s Southside. Stone has spent the past 17 seasons with the White Sox in some capacity. First on the radio side as a fill-in after leaving the Cubs TV booth after the 2004 season, and eventually as Hawk Harrelson’s partner for the better part of a decade, and now Jason Benetti’s partner, the pairing that gives Sox on one of the best baseball booths.

I was excited when Stone took over as Darren Jackson on the full-time TV booth in 2009; I remembered listening to Stone in the Cubs booth, where I first tasted his scientist-like ability to predict moments in baseball, often moments before they even happened. However, his time with Hawk wasn’t as amazing as I expected. Mainly because Hawke was at the end of his career, and his style (extreme extremes) was running out on even the most loyal White Sox fans.

When Hawk left the booth after the 2018 season, the chemistry between Steve Stone and Jason Bennett was undeniable, and it has only grown stronger over time. NBC Sports Chicago put together a video of a great tribute to Stone Pony last night:

Here’s Stone face-to-face with Chicago sports writer Paul Sullivan:

Mets injuries

It was tough luck for the Mets on Tuesday night in San Diego. They lost the match to Padres with a touchdown, but also lost Pete Alonso and Starling Mart in about half an hour. First Pete Alonso left the game after being hit in the hand by a corner kick from Padres Yo Darvish in the sixth inning, then Marty was knocked out of the game by what the Mets call tight left thigh muscles. Alonso and Marty both left the team last night for a late-night MRI, the results of which remain unknown.

Mets captain Buck Showalter hopes the Mets will get lucky and get away with a best-case scenario for both their superstars: “We hope we get lucky with both,” manager Buck Showalter said. “we will see.”

It should also be noted that Showalter was not very optimistic that the absence of Alonso and Mart would be a kind of everyday absence. When asked if he expects to be absent for only a day or two for Alonso and Mart, Showalter replied: “I like your optimism, but I don’t share it at this point.”

The Mets have escaped injury so far, with Jacob Degrom continuing to be sidelined and Max Scherzer joining him recently, but losing Pete Alonso for so long would be a huge blow to them. Alonso cuts .282/.363/.546 this season with 152 wRC+, and tied 16 home runs to the top of the National League, while his 54 RBIs are the best in baseball. Showalter said after last night’s game that Alonso’s hand X-rays came back negative but wisely indicated that an MRI would be necessary to get the full picture of Alonso’s injury.

Possibilities and endings…

• Stephen Strasbourg will return to the Washington Nationals tomorrow, according to Nationals Director Dave Martinez. Strasbourg has thrown only 26.2 runs since the start of the 2020 season while dealing with a thoracic outlet syndrome surgery injury. The 33-year-old right-hand man signed a $245 million contract with the national team after the 2019 World Championships.

• In today’s segment of So Do You Think You Can Beat a Major League Player? …

• Michael Kubis was dirty against the Los Angeles Dodgers last night. Note the comments of “BN_WhiteSux” because we will see some highlights of his performance. Kubisch threw six innings of baseball with a hit-and-knife hit against the Dodgers while hitting eight and walking into one. Kopech’s ERA is down 1.94 over the course of the year, and he’s been at 1.13 ERA in four games against top-placed teams this season (MIN, NYY x2, LAD). In those four starts, opponents are cutting .079/.167/ .105, and Kopech has 24 strikes and .58 WHIP.

• For my cubs friends in the Disqus section this afternoon, I present to you this clip [Steele] Walker, Texas Ranger:

• What is the link, you ask? The White Sox traded this guy (former runner-up) to the Rangers for Nomar Mazara, which was arguably one of the worst acquisitions in the long history of the White Sox’s dire business acquisitions in 32 years on the planet. To make matters worse, the White Sox drafted Walker with Alek Thomas remaining on the board in Round 2 of the 2018 MLB Draft. They also drafted Nick Madrigal for fourth overall in that draft…so it was a pretty poor draft. There, we even order Kopech highlights.

• Let’s talk about transformations, baby 🎶:

• The 2010 Semester Draft is stacked!

• The Giants wanted Joey Bart to be demoted so much that they traded Musk to replace him on the MLB roster. yes!

• Now that’s a profession, baby!

• I’ll Take The Things You Hate Seeing For $500, Alex:

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