The Utah Jazz receives permission to interview assistants from the Knicks, Bucks, and Celtics in search of a head coach.

The Utah Jazz has been given permission to interview several assistant coaches in their search for a Quinn Snyder replacement, ESPN sources report.

The sources said the list includes New York Knicks assistant coach Johnny Bryant, Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Charles Lee and Boston Celtics assistant coach Will Hardy and Joe Mazzola.

Sources said Utah also plans to meet Jazz assistant coach Alex Jensen and former Portland Trail Blazers coach Terry Stott.

Jazz Governor Ryan Smith and CEO Danny Inge said during a press conference Monday with Snyder that they will conduct extensive research. The list of candidates can be expanded.

“We’ll take our time,” Smith said.

Ainge said he did not feel any urgency to appoint a head coach before the NBA draft or the start of free agency.

“We have to get that selection right,” said Ainge, who joined the Jazz mid-season, months after quitting after 18 years working in the Celtics’ basketball operations department. “I got great shoes to fill in.”

Stotts spent time with the Jazz late in the season as an invited guest from Snyder, who had 372-264 records in eight seasons in Utah, a period that ended with his resignation this week after he declined an offer to extend the second sabbatical. . Stots, who also served as head coach with the Atlanta Hawks and Bucks, has a career record of 517-486.

Bryant, 36, forged a strong relationship with Utah All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell during Bryant’s tenure as an assistant coach under Snyder. Bryant, who played for the University of Utah, spent six seasons on the Jazz crew before leaving for New York two years ago.

Jensen, 46, who also played for the University of Utah, has been a member of the jazz crew since 2013. He has spent the previous two seasons as head coach for the then-league D-League manager Canton, and was named Coach of the Year in 2012-13. Jensen has been named as Coach of the Year in 2012-13, sources said. He will be the head coach who will lead the Jazz team in the offseason and is expected to coach the summer league team in Utah.

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