Tuesday morning fly by: This one

* The Colorado Avalanche swept the Oilers on their way to the final last night in a thrilling back-and-forth thriller. Tonight we see if Tampa can hold its own. Thrilling!!

The Bruins fired Bruce Cassidy last night?? No one saw this coming. The training market is getting worse. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

* Anyhoo, The Community Draft Board is up to number 13, you all set a little boy goals. [BSH]

*Scott Wheeler is the last Expert Draft to release his final ranking and…well, his number five overall is very interesting. Our. If things go this way. [The Athletic]

* Wheeler in the top ten differs significantly from Bronman’s ranking, the last ranking we saw. Which fits with the idea that this particular draft could end in a million different ways. [Sportsnet]

Are goalkeepers running too much? stepped into a lot? So much so that we need to think about changing the rules? I do not know… [The Hockey News]

*Kevin Weekes has become one of the most hilarious media personalities in the game of hockey, mostly because of the “breaking news” that was so exhilarating. Here’s how he got to this place. [The Athletic]

*DGB likes to make squads using specific players with a set of random criteria, and it’s usually fun. So here’s another one. [The Athletic]

*And finally, Claude Giroud. Butterfly. If you love something, let it go. and like. [BSH]

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