Under the radar, trade with royals has to be made by the Astros

The Houston Astros will be buyers in the commercial market this summer given their position in the race for the best seed in MLS. The Kansas City Royals are almost certain to be a seller since they have the worst record in Major League Baseball.

The match in terms of depth in the situations the other team needs is ideally prepared for trade between the two teams.

The Astros must trade their #1 Hunter Brown and MJ Melendez’s mid-level promotion prospect for their future hunter.

The Astros are enjoying a stellar spin start this season, 80% of which are under team control through 2026 with Justin Verlander being the only question mark who will return next year.

Even if the Astros lose Verlander, they will have Lance McCullers Jr. through 2026. That means their primary rotation McCullers, Framber Valdez, Luis Garcia, Christian Javier and Jose Orchidi from today through 2025 are closed.

Hunter Brown looks like an All-Star in the future, but as the Astros from Forrest Whitley to Francis Martes to Mark Appel have seen, the odds are always there. horizons.

MJ Melendez made a solid start to his career with the Royal Family, but with the extension the team granted to Salvador Perez, he is banned in situ until 2025.

The turnover of the royals at first is, to put it mildly, in a very rough shape. They do not have a single starting pitcher with an ERA of less than 4.15. What’s even more embarrassing is that they only had two novice shooters who hit more hits than they walked.

By comparison, the Astros only have one start with an ERA above 3.07 – Jose Urquidy at 4.76 – and no one has more runs than hits. With such a wealth of great starting performances to be with the team for the foreseeable future, the Astros can trade in for a league-ready lead catcher to tackle one of their stark offensive gaps.

Melendez is 45th on the top 100 this year, which means the Astros are dumping Brown who are currently 96th on the top 100 and a player to be named later is probably someone who can take up the roles and tone it down. The current pain in which the royal family rotates, it would be a fair trade that could help the Catcher’s Astros attack problems.

And while it’s good to believe Corey Lee will turn it around, Melendez is already showing that he’s ready at a major league level. Last year, he led the minors in sprints with 41 while hitting .288, eliminating 31% of rule thieves with a career 40% caught stealing. In his short stint in the majors this year, he hit .274 with an OPS of .806, four home runs and nine RBI in 28 games.

To compare to the current Astros catchers, Martin Maldonado has been caught 42% stealing this year with a rally 37% stealing, but his average hit is 0.136 with a 0.460 OPS and four home runs with 13 RBI in 40 games.

Jason Castro was 33% caught stealing this year with a 26% career caught stealing to go along with his .102 hitting average and .367 OPS. For good measure, he has no home races and one RBI in 24 games.

Melendez is a left-handed bat to boot that covers Castro’s core assets as backing for Maldonado.

If the Astros want to improve offensively without giving up anything defensively behind the board with an eye to the future, Brown’s trade as well as a low-level prospect for Melendez could be an under-the-radar move that could benefit both teams with big holes in their roster.

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