2022 College Women’s World Championships: Jocelyn Allo, Tyre Jennings star as Oklahoma in Match 1

Oklahoma has struggled with offense Jocelyn Allo and Tyre Jennings all season. Together, the duo played 59 home runs in 60 games heading into the first game of the Women’s World College Finals on Wednesday.

So it made sense that when the helpless people needed them most, Alo and Jennings starred. The two hit two heads each as Oklahoma vaulted Texas 16-1.

16 runs in Oklahoma tied the record for most goals scored by a team in a WCWS Finals game.

The Longhorns started fast, starting to run at the top of the first compliment of Hope Trautwein’s rule-laden career.

But Alo changed things at the bottom of the first, curling a ball into the left field stands to give OU the lead. It’s only going to get worse for the Texans as the Sooners hit six home runs into the night to open the game.

There is at least one more game that is played in the top three series. Thursday will be 7:30 p.m. ET. The Longhorns will need to find another level after struggling to deal with the Oklahoma rackets in Game 1.

Sports news followed live score updates and highlights from the Oklahoma vs Texas Softball game. Here are the full results for Game 1 of the 2022 College Girls’ World Series.

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Oklahoma vs Texas Softball Points

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 F
Texas 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Oklahoma 5 1 4 2 2 2 x 16

College College World Series live updates, highlights from Game 1

(all times east)

11:36 PM – This will do it from Oklahoma City! Dominant performance by the Sooners on their way to a 16-1 victory.

If they do it again on Thursday, they will lift the National Championship trophy again.

11:34 PM – Alyssa Britto slaps a ball in the middle of the field, and scores Alo. That’s 16 times a day for the Sooners, and tied for the most ever recorded in a Women’s College World Championship Finals match. Just an absolute offensive blast for Oklahoma tonight.

Texas is at the top of the seventh.

11:30 PM – Have a day, Tiare Jennings! She leads in another runner with weakness. It’s her fourth hit in the game. Three were for additional bases.

11:07 PM – The side is mercilessly retired for the Longhorns. 14-1 go to the top of the sixth inning.

10:57 PM – So nice they did it twice. Jennings cracks a meatball out of the garden for her second dinner of the day.

It had to be Alo and Jennings today, right? The core of the Oklahoma softball program plays a shining role in the national championship finals.

10:55 PM – I did it again. She pushes Allo another step into the stands, her second in the game. This is a way to make you feel that you are in the final of the tournament.

10:51 PM – Longhorns can’t quite break into flash bullets. Down the fifth is coming, Oklahoma is leading comfortably, 12-1.

10:47 PM – Mia Scott with a bit of base runs to get to third base after getting second because of a foul. Maybe Texas could make the score more respectable?

10:39 PM – Is this outdated yet? Soon adding another following of Grace Green’s causes to Shortstop.

This is Oklahoma’s 50th race for the College Women’s World Series, a new NCAA record. Who holds the previous record? sooner last year. What a team. It’s 12-1 OU at the end of the 4th.

10:36 PM – This is another OU race, thanks to John. The ball lined up in the gap, led in by catcher Kinsey Hansen. Runners on corners with one apart.

10:31 PM – Oklahoma doesn’t plan to hit the brakes anytime soon, according to coach Patti Gasso. Long horns can’t give an inch, or they’ll take a mile.

Also, the Ajloun will be riding the Trautwein for as long as possible, per Gasso.

10:28 PM – Jennings has proven that she can do it with a racket. Now, just flashing the skin too.

The Sooners’ second baseman skated high in the air to snatch a punch from Janie Jefferson. this How do you finish the run?

10:23 PM – A wonderful photo of a young spectator caught the attention of the broadcast team. Very pleasant!

One on, two outs for the longhorns at the top of the fourth.

10:15 PM – The third half is over and it looks more and more like a defeat. Sooner 10-1.

10:10 PM – This is another dinger. Tiare Jennings knocks one over the fence, pushing three contestants inside and pushing the OU’s progression to nine. This is quickly getting ugly.

10:07 PM – Alu lifts the pitch off the thigh. Soon, Trae Young doesn’t seem to be too impressed (and NBA star) like this much.

10:05 PM – Jana Jones sends another ball into the sky of Oklahoma City. This will prompt the team sooner to advance to 7-1.

9:59 PM – Sigh of relief for Troutwein. With two runners up, Day earned a field pitch in the middle of the board. She died on the warning lane, despite falling into an urgent gauntlet.

9:56 pm – Double pause for Dayton with one away. Washington even plateau with a runner in the scoring center.

9:47 PM – A fairly quiet ride for the returnees, who add a run on the board. Let’s see if Longhorns can get a rally in the top of the third.

9:39 pm – Soon she will add another set of Grace Lyons single. 6-1 OU.

9:29 pm – 1-2-3 round for Troutwein. Allo leads us to two races in the bottom of a second.

9:23 PM – Holon out of the half unharmed. However, a massive first half for beginners gives them a decent lead early on.

9:19 pm – Head coach Mike White pulled the plug on Simpson’s audition after it bounced a ball in the dirt to Coleman. Logan Holon is now coming in hoping to finally stop the bleeding.

9:17 PM – Simpson starts her day with HBP and a walk. The beating soon began, and Coleman was back on the plate. Alo in a circle on the deck.

9:05 PM – When something hits you, it can get worse. Tylon Snow gets a Dulcini curl and hits it against the field wall in the center right. This is her fourth home for this year.

5-1 sooner. Longhorns are making a pitch change. First student Sophia Simpson will enter the game.

8:58 PM – bubble. Alo smokes a ball in the left field bleachers. 1-2 sooner in the blink of an eye.

8:56 pm – The Ledoff duo by Jayda Coleman. This means that Jocelyn Allo has a runner in the scoring position. Oh oh.

8:54 PM – Hailee Dulcini has the ball in her longhorn. Gotta watch out for that ball screw. It has proven to be a real problem for hitters all season long.

8:50 PM – Trautwin walks into Courtney Day in five pitches and Texas gets the first round of the game. She walks three times in a row for Seniors but walks out of the run after stimulating a pop fly. 1-0 to Longhorns at one end.

8:47 PM – Iakubo walks. These are laden bases for centuries. Oof.

8:45 pm – Trautwein is in a little trouble early on. He gave up the twosome for Bella Dayton. Follow it with a pass and walk to Alyssa Washington. Marie Iacobo is on the plate now.

8:30 pm – It’s Hope Trautwein on the Sooners circuit, who are looking forward to their second consecutive NCAA title.

How to watch the 2022 Women’s College World Championship Finals 1

  • start time: 8:30 p.m. Eastern time
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Live broadcast: ESPN app, Sling TV

Women’s College World Series coverage will continue on the ESPN Family of Networks. The first game of the Women’s College World Finals will be broadcast on ESPN.

The broadcast team for the ESPN Finals will include Beth Mowens, who will call the event play-by-play; Olympic medalists Jessica Mendoza and Michelle Smith, who will provide the analysis; and Hall of Fame side reporter Holly Rowe.

The game will also be streamed live on the ESPN and Sling TV app.

Women’s College World Championship 2022 schedule

Wednesday 8 June

1 . game series
Oklahoma 16, Texas 1 Oklahoma 1-0

Thursday 9th June

2 . game time (channel)
Oklahoma vs Texas 7:30 p.m. ET (ESPN2)

Friday 10 June

3 * game time (channel)
Oklahoma vs Texas 8:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)

* If necessary.

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