49ers Center Alex Mack reveals the reason for his retirement

Alex Mack’s retirement was no big surprise.

The 49ers kept his situation relatively dark despite knowing which way Mac was leaning. Mac has spent 13 seasons in the NFL and is 36 years old. Seeing as there was no answer yet about his future and seeing how he was traveling, it became clear that he was hanging up his cleats.

What is not clear is his specific reasons for calling it a profession. Mac revealed these reasons to Albert Brier of the MMQB.

“But everyone loses, except for one team. The numbers are stacked against you. And that’s heavier in the equation. If we had won the Super Bowl, I think I would have been really quick to retire. Was, does my body have another year to give again? And I’ve landed, no, it’s time.” It’s time, it’s time to leave.”

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