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Phil Berry: Cedric Maxwell: Draymond Green, ask your dad who you were
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ringer @Ringgrenba
Tatum on Kuwaiti Dinars.
Draymond on Jaylene Brown.
What are some of the best defensive performances in the playoffs?
Presented by StateFarm. #ad pm

Om Youngmisuk @Has bad reputation
In Draymond Green’s playoff career, the Warriors have a better match record in which he received a technical foul (22-6, .786) than when he didn’t (77-36, .681). That includes a 3-1 record in such post-season games that Green received a technical rating Tweet embed3:59 pm

Om Youngmisuk @Has bad reputation
Draymond Green says he won’t be able to live with himself if the Warriors lose and don’t confront the Boston Power with force. But tonight, the Warriors will enter the most hostile environment they have encountered in the Finals. It will be the kind of atmosphere that Draymond lives for pm

Brian Rub @Brian Troup
NEW: Cedric Maxwell has disputed Draymond Green’s comments about him and questioned the toughness of players of his era… 12:50 pm

dalton johnson @dalton johnson
Draymond + Marcus Smart + Everything Cedric Maxwell Was Throwing AM

John Karales @John Karales
New to BSJ: ‘Be yourself’… The Celtics need to avoid being dragged into Draymond Green’s trap in Game 3… – 11:22 AM

quinton mayo @RealQuintonMayo
If I’m Ime Udoka, I’m playing Draymond Green Show, Frequently, Everywhere We Go Until Treachery
I play it in the locker room, during morning shoots, everywhere
By no means allow anyone to control you, then go straight home and tell the world all about it. – 10:03 AM

Jared Weiss @Jared Weiss NBA
“We don’t flip the ball, we give ourselves a better chance of winning. This is not rocket science.”
Draymond Green & Otto Porter was in two places at once in a way the Celtics hardly ever saw.
How do they adapt? Study a new movie Tweet embed am

Chris Palmer @Chris Palmer NBA
Draymond Green, JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford and CJ McCollum are just starting their careers in sports media and are already better than literally every president. Objective, intelligent and intelligent. Because they know what they’re talking about. – 12:52 AM

dalton johnson @dalton johnson
and running
and Otto
and Draymond
👀👀… – 8:39 pm

Joe Vardon @Goffardon
Catch the ball and don’t panic Draymond Green: How the Celtics plan to win Game 3 on the Warriors,Tweet… – 5:27 PM

Kurt Helen @Basketball
Draymond Green continues his fun rant about wishful thinking implementers from the ’80s and ’90s… – 5:01 pm

Michael Gallagher @Mike Gallagher
Shots chart for the Boston big lineup/starting in 25 minutes in the NBA Finals (left) compared to the regular season (right).
Looney Wiggins played against them all 25 (Steve & Clay 23, Dry 21).
There jagged in the floating range on a large volume. pm

Mark Murphy @Murf56
Marcus Smart in Draymond Green sets a physical tone: “I mean, you’re responding to fire with fire, right? We just have to turn around and do the same. If he’s going to come in here and try to be physical, this is our home and we have to protect it.” – 4:49 pm

Kendra Andrews @Kendra _ Andrews
The ESPN story on why Draymond Green couldn’t live with myself if he didn’t ramp up his power in the Finals: – 4:45 pm

dalton johnson @dalton johnson
“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was going to go through the summer and we lost the NBA Finals because we couldn’t face the force with strength.”
Draymond Green, Marcus Smart, Cedric Maxwell and Barking About Fitness… 4:38 pm

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Whether you want to call it a breed or not… When you talk about Warriors, a lot of people love going back to the Lakers and Three Peats in the early 2000s, and obviously the Bulls and their six titles. Do you think Spurs were left out in that conversation? Tony Parker: “To a certain extent. But in the basketball world, everyone knows we had an incredible run, probably one of the best runs in 20 years in the NBA, if you look at the playoffs and all these things and all the success that we’ve had over the years. I understand we’re talking about Bulls and Lakers and Celtics and Warriors – it doesn’t bother me because when I get home, I have four rings too. So, I’m going to put them against anyone.” Cross to Win / June 8, 2022

As for Stephen Curry, who Tatum is playing against in the NBA Finals right now, Tracy McGrady seems to think his legacy will help out a bit if he wins another ring given the circumstances of his other three titles. “That’s a tough question,” McGrady said when asked about Curry’s all-time rating. “Because he has his career individually and what he accomplished with his team is difficult. Because you have to think, he won a championship, right, against LeBron. [James] that did not have Kyrie [Irving]You don’t have Kevin Love. did not win the [Finals] MVP, right? Then he loses his 3-1 lead to LeBron, gets the KWD, KWD comes in and wins two championships, which gives Steve three championships but KWD wins two best player titles, right? – Via NBC Sports / June 8, 2022

“We know Steve is like a 3-point god. But when it comes to putting him up with [Michael Jordan] And those guys who won that level of championships; Cuban [Bryant] And Magic Johnson, I don’t know where to put it in order. I know he’s very excited. But I think these guys are in a different category than the Steve Curry who is based on [all of that]. They are in the championship teams. KD came and joined the Warriors and became a top player and helped Steph win two more tournaments. But Steve wasn’t the best player on this team.” – via NBC Sports / June 8, 2022

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