Billy Horschel enjoys a warm moment after the Memorial win

Billy Horschel crossed out his bucket list especially after the moment of his victory in the Memorial Championships on Sunday.

The pro was greeted on the green lawn by his wife Brittany Horschel and their three young children, Axl, Skylar and Colby, who ran to their father for a group hug. It was a moment Hurschel said he had “always” wanted throughout his golf career.

“It’s kind of a constant joke in our family that my wife and kids never really win,” said 35-year-old Horschel, who has now won seven rounds on the PGA Tour. “I’ve always wanted that moment when the family runs out and the kids run out and I can always look back for many years to come and they can look back, for their whole lives on the grass and congratulating their dad on the victory. And so it’s so special to have this video and those pictures for the rest of our lives.”

The cameras caught the family’s celebration in Muirfield Village, where Skyler and Colby danced on the green lawn, and Axel was pointing at Goodyear Blimp. Horschel received a congratulatory kiss from his wife, before the family finally boarded a private jet.

His children salute Billy Horschel after winning the Memorial Tournament.

Horschel, who is in his thirteenth year on the PGA Tour, put an exclamation point on his victory by crushing a 53-foot eagle on the 15th hole.

The full circle moments came after he and his wife opened up about a difficult time when Brittany sought treatment for alcoholism in 2016.

“I’m an alcoholic”, Brittany wrote in a statement. “I say it now without shame. Admitting it to myself, my family and my friends saved my life and my marriage.”

The couple spoke about her struggle with alcoholism in a joint interview on Good Morning America.

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