Charles Barkley gives tips to rein in Draymond Green

Charles Barclay on Zoom call, asking questions to Draymond Green? This is like a wide open layup.

Barkley spoke to reporters Wednesday to promote next month’s Championship of the American Century, the annual celebrity golf tournament near Lake Tahoe. At one point, Barkley was asked how he would respond to Greene’s animated chatter if they played against each other in a game.

“You only have to score it once, with a good shot,” Barkley said. “Draymond reminds me of Dennis Rodman. Anytime I was playing against Rodman I would hit him as hard as I could early in the game and he would have stopped all those antics. I would have done the same against Draymond.”

Barkley also provided some clear insights into Greene’s performance on Sunday, when he led the Golden State Warriors bypassing Boston into the NBA Finals in a 1-1 draw as they entered Game 3 on Wednesday night. Naturally, Green avoided being sent off when referee Zach Zarba made no technical errors after a second-quarter skirmish with Boston forward Jaylen Brown (Green had been called in for a previous technical procedure).

Then, after the match, Green said during an interview with ESPN “SportsCenter” that he wasn’t worried about being fired because he “got differential treatment.” This caught Barclay’s attention.

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