Debo Samuel having fun in training is positive news for the 49ers

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Coaches and players have noticed a difference in the locker room now that veterans like tackle Trent Williams and defensive end Nick Bosa have returned to Santa Clara. The San Francisco 49ers are having a small mandatory three-day camp this week, ending on Thursday.

Another new present is wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who appears to have distanced himself from the 49ers until this week.

“[Deebo]Trent, and Bossa, when they’re in the building, it’s a little different,” quarterback Trey Lance said on Tuesday.

San Francisco would like to sign Samuel on the contract extension. Things got tense – at least in the eyes of the media – as Samuel watched the broad receiver market explode and saw many of his peers lashing out at this off-season.

Of course, you probably know that Samuel asked to be traded, leaving many to wonder if the receiver would make the mandatory small camp for the 49ers. he did.

While he is not training, there is no indication that the drama will continue between Samuel and the team. Matt Barrows of The Athletic noted that Samuel was seen joking with teammates during Wednesday’s training, tweeting in defense from the sideline after big games, and was following him with a deck of cards in his hands.

“He had fun,” Burrows wrote. “It was as if everything was normal.”

This is good news for the 49ers, who are looking to hang on to the outstanding player last year. Samuel shows no animosity towards his teammates, coaches, or being in Santa Clara, so the odds of fixing the relationship look good. At least, they are much better than they looked in April.

“Debo looks the same,” defender Kyle Gocek told reporters after Wednesday’s training. “He seems to be the same person. He’s always been positive, always puts in big efforts for his teammates, and that hasn’t really changed.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has always been optimistic that 49 players can successfully navigate a complicated situation. As for the team’s relationship with Samuel, that wasn’t a concern at all.

“Yeah, I think he’s always been fine,” Shanahan said on Tuesday. “I know we’re going through the commercial part of this league, but I don’t think the relationship has been very far from getting back to normal, and I think we’re working on that. Anytime you’re away from him for a while, it’s always difficult. But it’s good to get him back here and start To get around the players again.”

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