Downtown Cleveland bars vie for action as the guards lead the league in the rain

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Entering Wednesday night’s game, the Cleveland Guardians led Major League Baseball in a downpour by seven.

For downtown businesses, that can be really good or really bad.

“If a game is canceled 20 minutes early, it usually stays very busy. If a game is canceled hours before it usually has an effect on us,” said Julia Sassano, a server in Cleveland. “Rain delays can be very nice.” And it can suck, too!”

She suggests that if fans are already downtown for a game, they will still enjoy a drink or stop for a meal regardless of whether the game is played. However, if they were aware of the postponement early on, she believes it is unlikely that they will stop.

Thanks to all the postponements, the Guardians have played fewer home games than any other team this year.

“That’s why we’re here! It’s Cleveland,” said Matt Husack of Lakewood, who was attending Wednesday’s game. It’s going to rain, you’re going to get crazy weather.”

Some games are made up within a day or two as part of a double header, while others are scheduled at a later date.

To view the team’s precipitation policies, click here.

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