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The Washington captains currently have 30 players on their roster who were not at the close of the 2021 season. Many of these players will have a huge impact on the team’s success in 2022. Most of them will pass like shadows in the fog, and we won’t hear from them after the upcoming pre-season. Let’s take a quick look at Washington’s newest leaders and do a little projection on what each of them might offer.

Today, we will focus on 13 new defensive players.

Dive deep into the leaders’ new defensive players

Vidarian Mathis, DT

6’4″, 312, 24: Drafted in the second round, 2022, currently unsigned

Mathis was a bit of a surprise pick in the second round of the 2022 draft, but with strong backups Matt Ioannidis and Tim Settle leaving, and unresolved contract status for rookie Daron Payne, it seems like a sensible move.

Best case scenario: Matisse proves to be a player similar to Payne, providing consistent running defense and passing pressure every now and then. Becomes part of the 3-man rotation on Intervention and slips to Payne’s primary role in 2023. 600 defensive shots, 40 tackles, 3 sacks, 6 QB hits

ive worship, de

6’6″, 265, 30 years old: Signed as free agent 23/3/22.

Starting a cult in the European League, his career has been in the NFL since 2015. The Washington team will be their sixth NFL team. But he has steadily improved, spending his best season with Carolina in 2020.

Best case scenario: Obada replaces either Casey Toohill or James Smith-Williams to become a rotating striker behind Chase Young and Montez Sweat. 350 Snaps, 20 Pieces, 6 Bags

Jacob Panasyuk, D

6’4″, 255, 22 years old: UDFA website, 5/2/22

Panasyuk, at 22, is one of the youngest players on the list of Washington captains. But he started an amazing 43 games for Michigan State during his college career, so he’s fared better than some of the other young players. His physical attributes are not on par with most of the DEs on the list, but he’s a rowdy player who might make his way up the list.

Best case scenario: Panasyuk remains on the coaching staff and gets his chance at pro level due to injury. He ends up taking on a role similar to what Bonmi Rotimi introduced in 2021. 100 shots, 10 treatments, 1 sachet

Ferod GardnerLB, 6’1″, 215, 25 years old: UDFA site, 5/2/22

Price Nutri LB, 6’3″, 225, 23: Signed as UDFA after junior junior camp

Tree WalkerLB, 6’1″, 240, signed as UDFA, 5/2/22

Drew WhiteLB, 6’0″, 228, signed as UDFA, 5/2/22

Forgive the brevity, but I recently wrote about these players, along with a couple of LBs on hold during the 2021 season. You can read about them here.

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