“I’m With Him” ​​- Giants Jihad Ward makes Kaifon Tebodo prepare for his mission

Jihad is on a mission. That job? Making sure the New York Giants’ 5th seed Kayvonne Tebodeau, who has not practiced since early in Ota with an undisclosed injury, has chosen his interest in the basics of play and the question and will know the rules of defensive play when the training camp opens next month.

“I’m on his butt,” said Ward, a veteran defender signed as a free agent this off-season. “I’m with him. Make sure he studies the playbook and things like because I don’t want him to play slow… He’ll be ready. He’ll definitely be ready.”

As a veteran player, Ward admitted that he feels like making sure Thibodeaux takes over is part of his responsibility.

“Yeah, we shot, we recruited him, didn’t we? We recruited him, and he’s an outstanding guy on defence,” Ward said on Wednesday. it’s ready. Once he’s in that position, I don’t know his injury, so whatever situation he’s in, he’ll be ready in training camp and ready to go. I just don’t want him to learn while playing. I want him to go.”

Ward, in his seventh season, played parts of two seasons for defensive coordinator Wink Martindale with the Baltimore Ravens. A seemingly social figure, Ward is reluctant to be a strong and energetic voice on the field.

“He has constant energy. He’s excellent in meetings. I’d say from my experience, not all the time, but when you’re a player who comes in as a free agent from another team it’s a little more difficult to lead right away because you’re swimming with new and new rules of play,” said head coach Brian Dabol.

“I’m not saying you’re a beginner, but kind of like that. You kind of take a step back and kind of feel things.

“He’s kind of jumped at the deep end. He has a great personality and liveliness. I love the way he exercises. He always runs towards the ball. I would say it helps… He’s great with like Kayvon and those guys in his room. He’s been a really good addition. “.

Ward said he’s just being himself.

“I’m just here living a chilling life, and freedom. I do what I do on and off the field and make sure all the players are straight.” “My job is to do that, make sure the culture – we need more culture here. I will say that in my opinion.”

what does that mean?

“When you’re in a tough situation like this, you don’t really have time with your family. All I can say is when you come here ready for work, it’s time to go,” Ward said. Only to meet in order to win matches. I can’t come to Kayvon (Thibodeaux) and know nothing about it. You have to know my background, you know his background. It’s deeper than that. Everyone should come together as one. I’m more than a person, you ride for me, and I ride for you. If you don’t ride for me, I can’t be around you.”

It’s not hard to see that young defenders like Tibodou, Aziz Ogullari, Ellerson Smith and Quincy Roche would benefit from Ward’s presence.

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