It looks like Daniel Negriano is being blackmailed due to allegations of deceitful father

It was a strange start for 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) for Daniel NegrianoAnd things got even weirder for the GGPoker ambassador when he received a voicemail from a man apparently trying to extort money from him.

Poker Hall of Famer shared an audio clip in his latest WSOP vlog from an unknown person who seemed to make up a fantasy about Negreanu leaving behind a family in Lake Havasu, Arizona for the sake of a life of poker in Las Vegas.

The psychotic caller accuses Negreanu of being a dead father

As he explained in the vlog, the six-time winner of the bracelet does not have any children and said he has never been to Lake Havasu, a popular lake two hours from Las Vegas.

“I don’t have family in Arizona and have never been to it,” Negrino said in a video blog in Lake Havasu.

Negreanu’s wife, Amanda NegrianoShe encouraged her husband to employ security to ensure his safety at the WSOP. Earlier this week in a previous vlog, a poker player was named conspiracy theorists Sarah Palmer He faced the poker legend in an apparently harassing way.

“There’s this beating from the internet,” Palmer’s Negrino joked as he tried to ignore it.

In the WSOP Day 9 vlog on Thursday, things got even weirder, and maybe even scarier, for the poker star. He put out a long voicemail, starting at 6:55, which was totally weird.

“I’m really calling you because I want to tell you what happened after you left Lake Havasu, well, you have a right to know,” the caller began.

“When I left, I had to watch Andrew, ah, Cassie, the baby boy, and the other kid being all kicked out across the street when I lived in Andrew,” he continues.

The caller continues to claim that a neighbor was forced to take in the alleged Negreanu baby (that doesn’t exist) after the family was evicted when the poker pro moved to Las Vegas.

“I thought you wanted to know what happened to your other family that was abandoned,” the caller explains. “All sorts of people have tried to hit me up for publicizing this, but I’m giving you a chance to make it right, man, only you know what I mean. Really happy with your success, dude, frankly. I met you when I was a kid, you were really cool to me, as You know, I really loved you, Dan, you just disappeared.”

“It’s kind of blaming that you left your family (in Lake Havasu), man, as if I’m sad about it because I had to watch them cry outside my bedroom window for you.”

Daniel Negriano
Daniel Negriano

Then he turns the broken call into a potential blackmail and even includes it Phil Hellmouth in his blatant accusations.

He told PokerNews that he’s engaging with the FBI and that they have “a lot to go on” in terms of finding out about possible extortion.

“But I guess you don’t want me to announce it, so maybe you should call me back on that phone because I’m getting all kinds of, because I’ve been making comments, Hell, Hellmuth really wants me, so, they really want to use it against you. They really want to pay mine, but I give you a chance not to go public, and you pay me anything, I’ll keep quiet about it, I’ll sign a contract, but let me know. Well, Dan.”

Negreanu said he received three more voicemails from the same person, but they were less demanding. Tell poker news He engages the FBI and that they have “a lot to go on” in terms of spotting potential blackmail.

The Permanent nominee for the best player in the World Series of Poker WSOP He got off to a slow start at the 2022 World Series of Poker. He’s still looking for his first money, but he now has some non-poker matters to deal with thanks to a wild voicemail.

2022 World Series of Poker

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