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Foxboro, Massachusetts – The question remains as to who calls the New England Patriots, but when it comes to who captured the unit in the field, receiver Jacoby Myers is certain.

It’s quarterback Mac Jones.

“Has he got the offense under control? That’s an exclamation point and a big exclamation point,” Myers said Thursday at the conclusion of the mandatory small camp for the Patriots. “It’s the real deal. We’re all trying to figure out what’s on his mind and his vision.”

Asked if he feels owning the offense in his second season, Jones said: “Yeah, I think that’s the whole point of the quarterback, to lead the players around you, to get the ball.

“I have the ball in every game and I have to make decisions to help the team win. You have to stop losing before you can win. That’s the goal – do it better this year.”

Coach Bill Belichick seems to like progress at this point, as evidenced by the cancellation of the mandatory mini-camp final practice on Thursday and the team’s recent volunteer organized activities scheduled for next week.

This was common in recent years, with Belichick rewarding the team for their work, with the belief that a foundation leading to a training camp had been set up in late July.

Jones, in particular, has made some impressive throws in modern practices. On Wednesday, he had several tight renditions in the field — to receivers Trey Nixon and Nelson Agulor, and the end of Juno Smith Court — that members of the crime were celebrating.

Myers took note of Jones, saying, “I know him and the coaches do a great job just relaying information to us, but in the end when we’re there, he tells us. And we ask him, ‘How do you want him?'” Where do you want us to be? When do you want us to be there?

“He was really adamant about what he was saying. He has a clear vision in his mind… We just have to catch the ball he’s throwing.”

“He’s doing a great job communicating, working to be the best version of himself,” added Agulor, whose novice Jack Jones has been enveloped everywhere on the “go” route on his long ride with Jones.

Jones’ ownership of the crime was also noted by bringing back Damien Harris, who was also his Alabama teammate.

“He’s an incredibly hardworking worker, and that’s what I appreciate most about him,” Harris said. “Going out here, and seeing the way he’s driving, [he] He works his butt to be his best in order to help us all as members of the team be our best self.”

As for who would call up Jones to play, it was notable to many players, including the midfielder himself, just how involved Belichick was in the attack. At some point on Wednesday during a drill aimed at running for appearances and how they needed to get past the streak of scrimmage, Belichick actually cut the ball to Jones as center.

“It’s very practical,” Jones said. “Last year, he was more with the defense. But now, ‘Okay, let me show you this,’ and it’s kind of training.” “I feel like we’ve had a lot of growth together as an offensive unit with him.

“He has seen the most football of any of our coaches. He has seen the defense, the attack and the special teams, so his contribution will always be very useful for me, because he knows what pressures the defense.”

Assistants Matt Patricia (offensive line) and Joe Judge (quarterback) also played occasional leading roles.

All of this happened after Belichick said the attack was “simplified” this off-season, similar to what he did with defense in 2019-20. In essence, they simplified things, which Jones said was meant to play faster.

Jones was asked to describe his comfort level with the training setup now that there were a few practices to assess.

“The most important thing is getting on the same page, speaking the same language, between players and coaches, and we’ve done a good job at that,” he said.

“I definitely think we’ve made good strides there in the last couple of weeks. You can’t be done with OTA and let that fall. You have to keep doing that through the season, that’s the most important part. We understand that for camp training. We have to communicate and talk constantly.”

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