Lakers News: Russell Westbrook has great enthusiasm for Darvin Hamm

Whether or not Russell Westbrook’s future is in L.A., it felt like it was in Monday’s introductory press conference for Darvin Hamm. Westbrook’s future is as uncertain as any Laker on the list though he’ll almost certainly be on the books for $47 million next season, assuming he picks the player option.

At that press conference, Hamm openly discussed Westbrook and his role next season – perhaps another indication he’s on the roster – but also talked about the conversations he’s already had with Westbrook. Those conversations were apparently positive, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Ahead of Game Three of the NBA Finals on Wednesday, Wojnarowski, who may have been inadvertently dubbed “Westbrick” to start the clip, was Talk about Westbrook’s reaction to an important hiring.

Here’s a full transcript of what Woog said:

“Westbrook was really excited about hiring Darvin Ham, and he’s really starting to connect with him. On a human level, he said he’s really impressed with his path to becoming head coach. His serious, results-oriented approach, these are all things that Russell Westbrook said he really matches. One thing he’d love to hear from Darvin Hamm so far was the idea that not only would he hold Russell Westbrook accountable as they went, but that he would hold the entire team accountable, and surely this, in his mind, was a step towards making this an organization. Now, Russell Westbrook could sign up for the final year of His contract is for $47 million. He’s expected to do so at the end of this month, but Russell Westbrook is really excited to get to know Darvin Hamm so far and expects to talk to him more about his role, and how he fits in as they transition through the summer toward training camp.”

On paper, most of what Westbrook said seems on par with the course in terms of the stars’ typical reactions to a new head coach. But there is a certain segment that deserves some unpacking.

One thing he’d love to hear from Darvin Hamm so far is the idea that he’s not only going to hold Russell Westbrook to account as they go, but that he’ll hold the entire team accountable, and certainly that’s, in his mind, a move to make this happen. organisation.

It’s hard to read this quote and not catch your eye, especially in the wake of Westbrook’s recent public comments. In his exit interview, Westbrook blamed everyone but himself for the team’s failures. Whether it was LeBron and Anthony Davis for not allowing “Ross Be Ross,” coaches to change his role or the media to create stories about him, no one was safe from his wrath.

At no time did he really accept any responsibility for his spoiled season, and now he is said to be worried about holding other people accountable? Again, it’s hard to take his reported feelings seriously given the level of hypocrisy they seem to contain.

These sentiments sound similar to those that Westbrook shared with Ham per Ham’s account of that conversation in his introduction. It’s just hard to give Westbrook any benefit of doubt after how things have gone over the past year.

It was also brought up at the end of Woj’s report that Westbrook would likely accept his player option, a change from his previous claim that he hadn’t considered whether he would do so during his exit interview.

Perhaps Ham has the magic touch that can fix all these issues surrounding the Westbrook and the Lakers. Until proven, it’s hard to take any of this at face value.

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