Local High School Students Renew Little League® World Series Messages to Celebrate their 75th Anniversary

With nearly 1,000 local mini leagues® Volunteers come to Williamsport for 28The tenthThe International Conference of the Small League from June 10 to 13, and only two months after the celebration of the 75th National DayThe tenth Little League Baseball® World Series, Little League International is excited to unveil newly designed LLWS messages as designed by high school art students from high schools in the surrounding area.

“As the Williamsport community, and the entire Little League Baseball and Softball community, prepares to celebrate 75 years of the World Championships in August, we are thrilled to reveal the incredible designs that local high school art students have been able to put together,” said Stephen De Keener, Little League President and Principal. Executive.” The talent show these students showed helped tell the story of the Little League and we look forward to displaying these incredible artworks during Congressional event this June and as part of 75The tenth Celebrating Major League Baseball in August.”

Announced in February, Little League International has teamed up with four local high school art departments (Montgomery District High School, Montgomery District High School, Southern Williamsport Junior/Senior High School, and Williamsport District High School) to give the famous LLWS Letters renewal. a look. As part of the project, each of the four schools was assigned a specific letter with a specific theme representing a key area of ​​the Little League program, and was provided with a creative style guide for inspiration and guidelines to help complete the project:

L – Major League Baseball (Williamsport)

  • Designed and drawn by: Sophie Pettenbender, Jacob Eswert, K.T. Hearn, Lemon Jenkins, Ella Lamy, Alexia Markle, Adeline McDermott, Xaviera Minich, Riley Shipman, Maureen Tran, and Lorelei Weaver
  • Supervised by: Andrea McDonough
  • Trait: Celebrating the baseball program and world championship complex in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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L – Little League Softball (South Williamsport)

  • Designed and drawn by: Brooklyn Lintz and Valen Jackson
  • Supervised by: Betsy Jones
  • Trait: The Softball Show, its new home at the World Championships in Greenville, North Carolina, and the Girls’ Initiative with All-In Games

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W – worldwide (Montgomery)

  • Designed and drawn by: Korah Bonner, Kendra Bryson, Arianna Cramer, Chloe Farley, Michael Lutz, Quinn Lynch, Arjen Moon, Emily Murphy, Dalila Pritz, Big Rice, Easy Rivera, Maliki Sellers, Jeffrey Short, Jasmine Staver, Kyle Wagner, Kayana Walters
  • Supervised by: Tina Sampsil
  • Trait: Represents the global reach of Little League and efforts to grow the game

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S – Service (Montoursville)

  • Designed and drawn by: Elise Bechlin
  • Supervised by: Vanessa Litchler and Holly Fuller
  • Trait: Thank you to the more than 1 million dedicated volunteers who run Little League around the world

In addition to the support provided by each district high school, Little League International also drew on the advice and guidance of Louis Cupiccia, a retired art teacher and longtime Little League supporter, to provide general guidance on how to work with both local high schools and their talented students to complete this project.

The newly designed letters will be displayed within 28The tenth Little League International Congress is in June and will be there until 75The tenth Little League Baseball World Series on August 17-29, 2022.

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