Matthew Dellavedova, Thon Maker reunites the Bucks with the Australian Boomers, Xavier Cooks re-signs with the Kings and stars Ezi Magbegor with Seattle Storm; Basketball World Cup 2023; WNBA 2022; NBL

Former Duke striker Jack White has received a call-up as has Will McDowell-White, Wani Swaka Le Bullock, Sam Froling, Keanu Pender and Tasmanian Jack Jumpers, Jack McPhee duo and Sam McDaniel.

The next big question will be who will fit in with China and Japan. Melbourne’s southeast midfielder Zhou Chi has been named to the China squad, but it is not yet clear if Japan’s NBA duo Rui Hatchimura and Utah Watanabe will play.

List of Boomers for FIBA ​​World Cup Qualifiers: Matthew Dellavedova, Thon Maker, Jack White, Mitch McCarron, Todd Blanchfield, Clint Steindell, Will McDowell White, Wani Swaka Le Bullock, Sam Froling, Keno Bender, Jack McPhee, Sam McDaniel.

The chef remains king, and Noe joins him

If Xavier Cooks is not in the NBA, he will return with the Sydney Kings after signing a three-year contract with the NBL champions this week.

The Cooks won Larry Sengstock’s MVP in the Grand Final Series of the season as the Kings took the title looking forward to a move to the NBA, following Jock Landale who won the same award when he was at Melbourne United and turned it into a move to the San Antonio Spurs.

Xavier Cox pulls the rebounding ball.attributed to him:Getty Images

“I’ve always said that playing for Australia in the Olympics is my biggest goal and that’s something I want to do,” said Cooks.

“As a kid, I always wanted to play the NBA, so I didn’t put that aside yet. But now I’m back in Sydney and the goal now is to repeat and win another championship.”

Kwat Noi, the former Cairns goalkeeper, has signed a two-year contract with the Kings.

He signed Kings Cooks, Noe, Shawn Bruce, Diane Vasilievich, Angus Glover, Bewley Biles, Jaylene Galloway and Jordi Hunter for the upcoming season.

The Tasmania JackJumpers have re-signed star import point guard Josh Magette, while the Brisbane Bullets have signed DJ Mitchell, son of import striker Mike Mitchell in the 1990s.

The NZ Breakers have signed Boomers guard Cameron Gliddon on a two-year deal. Gliddon had a frustrating season with South East Melbourne Phoenix as injury and illness frequently plagued him. The Phoenix team signed goalkeeper Junior Maddut, who was raised in Sydney.

Magbegor launched after breaking COVID-19

Australian superstar Izzy Magbigor bounced back from COVID-19 protocols and joined a rare company to score five blocks in a 72-60 win over the Atlanta Dream on Wednesday (AEST).

Magbegor is one of only four Storm players to score five blocks or more in a WNBA game, joining Lauren Jackson (22 times), Brenna Stewart (nine times) and Natasha Howard (five times).

Center Opals also scored 12 points and seven rebounds in the win, including some crucial three-pointers, after positive signals during Melbourne Boomers’ WNBL title win this past season.

Magbegor has been out since May 20 after being put into the league’s COVID-19 protocols. She scored 19 points in the second leg over the weekend, and followed up with her big performance against Dream.

“I felt good physically. I was surprised by how well I recovered,” Magbigur told the media on Wednesday.

“The first few days were rough but the last few days in isolation I’ve been hanging out, waiting to get back with these guys. You want to go out and put in all that energy and I feel like that’s what happened.”

Stormtrotter star Brianna Stewart was excited about Magbigor’s shooting two perfect three-point streaks, yelling “man of the big shots” after Magbigor was asked about her shot.

“With my triplets, it’s something I really try to work on even painting [key] It’s not too crowded and that opens up more opportunities for my teammates,” Magbigur said.

Storm coach Noel Quinn praised Magbigor’s blocking strike as a product of a better understanding of how the team’s defensive structures work, and said the Australian center had been working hard and seeing the gains.

“Izzy is working on it,” Quinn said. “She is capable, willing and able to shoot the ball and allows us to face multiple threats on the ground.”

Fellow Australian Kristi Wallace has 12 points and six assists to dream as she continues to thrive in her first season in the WNBA.

Both players appear set for big roles with the Opals at the FIBA ​​Women’s World Cup in Sydney in September.

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