Oklahoma defeats Texas

Oklahoma’s Jocelyn Allo, 78, is welcomed to the plate after her home run against Texas during the fifth game of the first game of the NCAA Women’s Championship Series of the World Softball Championship on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in Oklahoma City. (AP Photo/Sue Ogroki)

When Oklahoma race queen Jocelyn Allo crashed into a court in the bottom of the third inning, a roaring booing erupted from the crowd at the USA FA Hall of Fame at the Softball Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night. The whole and semi-home-sold crowd (including Formerly, current Atlanta Hawks star, fast, Trae Young) to watch her hit, and not just at the base. Sure, she broke Homer twice on her first outing, but fans wanted more.

Then Tiare Jennings came on the racket and crushed Homer by three runs to extend the Sooners’ lead over Texas to nine. This was her 28th homecoming this year.

At the bottom of fifth, Alo took a run on her home ground – her second. Jennings followed up with her Homer. Back-to-back hits out of the park on the way to back-to-back Oklahoma National Championships.

With a 16-1 victory over Cinderella Longhorn on Wednesday night, the Sooners are just seven innings away from their sixth and second consecutive National Championship. They restricted the WCWS record for single game runs. Alo and Jennings combined for four crawlers, eight RBI and eight runs.

As you watch Oklahoma’s reel in the epic finale of its historically dominant season, it’s important to remember that there is no running rule in Women’s World Cup Finals best two out of three. So take cover.

The nation’s best lineup—the first four players are first-team All-Americans—put in a hitting clinic, crushing six runs. This was Oklahoma’s 18th game of the season with four or more lucky owners, a record for most homeowners in a single WCWS game. Eleven of the Sooners’ 16 rounds came courtesy of Homer.

Texans seemed reborn in Oklahoma City, scoring 10 double plays in the tournament. But the Longhorns looked like their regular season on Wednesday night, shoving in defense. They scored four fouls and changed bowlers twice in the first inning, one each for Homer who quickly slapped him. With her first home run, which she twice led home, Alo climbed to second place all-time with a 322 RBI (first is Arizona’s Jenny Dalton with 328). Tylon Snow brought three scores to Oklahoma, raising OU 5-1.

RHP Hailey Dolcini (2.35 ERA, 24-12) started inside the circuit for Texas. I got the primary job when the Longhorns beat then-undefeated Oklahoma 4-2 earlier this season in Austin. She carried the Sooners on two-strokes, two rounds and didn’t walk in that victory, which broke a 40-game winning streak that ran into 2021. She was pulled from Wednesday’s competition quickly after the Snow’s Three-Run race.

RHP student Sophia Simpson came in, who hit one hit and walked on another before coach Mike White also pulled her over. RHP Logan Hulon mercifully finished the run on her first WCWS outing.

RHP Hope Trautwein (22-1) started for the Sooners. Heading into Wednesday, Trautwein had the second lowest ERA in college softball this year at 0.58. I walked three times in the first inning, including one home for an unearned run.

The Longhorns left three riders at the base when sophomore JJ Smith flew into left field on the first court, and two more were stranded at the top of the third. In total, Texas left nine contestants behind. Every failed rescue mission will haunt Texans as Oklahoma’s leadership becomes increasingly insurmountable.

Game Two of the Championship Series – which is also sold out – begins Thursday at 7:30 PM ET on ESPN2.

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