Rafael Nadal is the greatest athlete in the history of Spanish sport

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has admitted that Rafael Nadal’s achievements and longevity are very impressive and believes the record-breaking 22-time Grand Slam champion deserves to be considered the greatest athlete in the history of Spanish sport.

Nadal, who turned 36 last week, became a Grand Slam champion as a teenager in 2005. 17 years later, Nadal still wins four Grand Slams and ranks among the world’s top five. On Sunday, Nadal defeated Casper Rudd to claim a record 14th French Open title and now holds a record 22 Grand Slam titles.

“Without a doubt (Nadal is the best athlete in the history of Spain)” Guardiola said at the Puma Legends Cup in Mallorca, at Sportskeeda. “And I can say without discussion. It’s hard to compare individual sports to team sports.

Spain had very good athletes, but the consistency and continuity of Rafa did not get anyone.”

Guardiola: It’s hard to find words to describe Nadal’s career and success

Guardiola added: “It seems impossible, and according to him in circumstances he suffers from many physical difficulties due to the problems he has.”

“There are no other adjectives to describe Rafa’s career and successes.” Nadal has been suffering from a chronic foot problem since 2005. However, he managed to have a long and successful career. At Roland Garros, Nadal said he put his foot in “sleep” for two weeks and that way he was able to compete.

Going forward, Nadal is hoping to find a solution to his chronic foot pain and Guardiola believes the Spaniard will add more success to his name if he is able to compete. “It looks like after he won 9th or 10th he was already finished.

“He was growing up,” Guardiola said, but he doesn’t stop. And I have the impression that if his body can handle his foot problems, he will continue to win.”

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