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A little over two decades ago, NFL fans witnessed the historic Los Angeles Rams attack between the 1999 and 2001 seasons. Watch out because we could see the start of another amazing scoring period for the franchise.

The Rams’ “Greatest Show On Turf” offensive helped the team win their first Super Bowl at the conclusion of the 1999 campaign and holds the franchise’s record for most points (540) in a single season (2000).

In 1999, Mike Martz took over as offensive coordinator and then replaced former coach Dick Vermeil, who was briefly retired after the Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV. He turned Martz Kurt Warner, Marshall Falk, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Apparent Hakeem and Ricky Bruhl into components of a well-balanced offensive machine.

Head coach Sean McVeigh doesn’t use an Air Coryell chart like Martz, though West Coast Offense could pose a threat to the Greatest Show On Turf franchise scoring record.

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Martz had Hall of Famers at Warner, Faulk, Bruce and Orlando Pace, but don’t rule out the Rams’ current offensive with base skill players, all of whom are still under 30.

Of course, quarterback Matthew Stafford set the table with his big arm and ability to precisely extend the field. In 2021, he averaged 287.4 yards per game and tied his career with a high completion percentage (67.2) for one season.

Similar to Warner 23 years earlier, Stafford raised the Rams’ offense, which justified the team’s decision to acquire him from the Detroit Lions in a deal that included his #1 overall pick from the 2016 draft, quarterback Jared Goff, and two first-round picks.

In terms of age, Stafford is far behind Warner, who led the iconic Rams attack between 28 and 30, but the former showed that he can still amass numbers as an oversized passerby.

In 2021, he threw for 4,886 yards, 41 touchdowns, which tied his career to one run, and 17 interceptions. The Rams ranked 10th in passing attempts.

The Rams lost left tackle Andrew Whitworth (retired) and right keeper Austin Corbett (free agency), but it appears Joe Nottebaum is ready to replace the former as he did during the first two 2021 qualifying games. The team will have an open competition for the indoor spot. If Stafford stays straight, he could skip 5,000 yards in 2022.

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Supporting the arrival of Stafford Cooper Cup, who is emerging from one of the league’s most productive passing seasons, netting 145 receptions for 1947 yards and 16 touchdowns, won him the 2021 Offensive Player of the Year award as the leader in all three receiving categories.

Most importantly, Cope spoke about how his special relationship with Stafford has translated on the field (h/r Cameron da Silva from Rams Wire).

Having Matthew Stafford and the player he is, but I think it’s a combination of not just the player he is, but in terms of the way the midfielder and future sees the game the same way. When you have players that understand the game and see it in a similar way, and then they also want to attack things, and you’re able to take the time to sync and really be able to see the game through each other’s eyes, I think that’s what makes a huge difference.. “

With another offseason together, Stafford and Cope may become an unstoppable pair. The Rams had a “good dialogue” with their reception star regarding contract negotiations. Kupp also attended a mandatory mini-camp, indicating that he was unlikely to disrupt his off-season program with his derailment.

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Although Rams did not re-sign wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. , who tore up the ACL in Super Bowl LVI, signed Allen Robinson II to a three-year, $46.5 million contract. Like Kupp, he has the skills to lead the attack as a quick receiver.

While we can’t compare Kupp and Robinson to Bruce and Holt at the moment, the Rams’ new wide-future duo has the potential to put enormous pressure on secondary opponents.

Kupp can line up in the hole or on the perimeter, and he earned a spot as the league’s top-five after an exceptional campaign in 2021. Meanwhile, McVeigh called Robinson a “nail” and highlighted his rare skill set at 6’2″, 210 lbs. , via DaSilva.

Locked in meetings and I think the first thing that stands out is the body control for a larger receiver. I bet he’s a ball player on the basketball court. He is skilled enough to double up and play under himself. Some of those big players who play at high volume usually don’t have the ability to get in and out of their breaks as smoothly as they do. But I think his transition in between and out of breaks and how smoothly he got big was really exciting, and I’d love to get to know him a little bit more.. “

During eight seasons of the NFL, Robinson played with initially disappointing players Blake Portles, Mitch Trubisky, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton and Justin Fields. However, he scored no fewer than 80 receptions and 1,147 yards in three of those terms. Now, the 28-year-old receiver will get passes from Stafford, which has certainly helped boost Kupp’s production.

Like the goal-scoring infractions the Rams scored at the time under Martz, the current unit has two #1 wide receivers and role players capable of making big plays and moving strings. The wise Zahir brought the speed and extended the field. Meanwhile, Ricky Bruhl had a reliable set of hands, recording a catch rate of at least 67.3 percent each term between 1999 and 2001.

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Van Jefferson made a notable jump between his rookie and sophomore seasons—from 19 receptions for 220 yards and touchdowns to 50 hits for 802 yards and six points. McVeigh praised the receiver’s ability to attack defenses over the top (h/r DaSilva).

“Van has a great ability to be a complete player, but his ability to play on the field has been fantastic,” McVeigh said.

During his interview with DaSilva, McVeigh also mentioned that Tutu Atwell is a potentially deep threat that could play a role in 2022.

“I still think Toto could be that guy…but the book is written on Toto Atwell anyway,” McVeigh said. “He had a shoulder injury. He looked really good. He did a great job responding in the right way.”

The 2021 second-round pick was just eight games, recording 141 multi-yard yards as a kick-and-drag return, but he didn’t make a pass. If McVay is right, a 5’9″ 165 pounder can give the Rams a little of what Hakeem brought to crime in terms of speed and exhilarating plays.

In addition to a wide receiver that can go up to four deep against defenses, the Rams can also attack the seams and midfield with a narrow end Tyler Higbee, who has captured at least 521 yards on each of his last three campaigns.

He’s had knee surgery in the off-season, but the big-bodied pass catcher (6’6″, 255 pounds) has been on the field during organized team activities, according to Athletic’s Jordan Rodrigue.

Kit number: X163913 TK1

Cam Akers’ return for a third year isn’t close to Falk in terms of expectations, but he’s a double-threat playmaker who missed all but one of his regular season games due to a ruptured Achilles tendon last year.

After sustaining a serious injury, Akers scored 67 holding just 172 yards during the 2021 playoffs, but in full force, he could serve as a potential spark for a 25th offense in the rush last season.

Furthermore, Stafford can dispose of his short passes in the flat. The Akers recorded 69 receptions for 486 yards and seven touchdowns through three periods in Florida.

In five seasons as the Rams’ head coach, McVeigh sent a top-seven offense three times. He has won praise as one of the brightest attacking minds in the modern league.

With a Stafford under center position, a deep wide receiving range, a consistent tight end to capture passes, and a young double-threat holding back, McVay can turn a group of playmakers into an elite offensive lineup that crushes franchise and league records.

The Greatest Show On Turf might have some goal-scoring competition in the Rams history books.

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