Raptors Exec Appears for OG Anunoby-Trail Blazers Trading Rumor

The hottest rumors surrounding the Portland Trail Blazers trading over the past two weeks have centered around Toronto Raptors striker OG Anunoby. The 6’7, 25-year-old young striker has the right mix of skills (17 points, 5.5 rebounds per game plus defense!), experience and contract ($18 million annually through 2024) to make the Trail Blazers nation light up with joy. Playing behind a forward tandem for Pascal Siakam and Scotty Barnes, Minutes and Anonopi’s turn were squeezed into Toronto. Blazers fans have speculated that the seventh pick in the 2022 NBA Draft might be the lever to banish the young maestro from the Raptors to Rose City.

Today, the Raptors’ assistant, Dan Tolsman, appears to be throwing cold water on this theory. In an interview as part of a larger press conference, Tolsman was asked, in passing, if Anunoby could be replaced with the seventh pick. Sportsnet/The Fan 590’s William Low tweeted in response:

The facial expressions in the video tell the whole story. It’s as if someone asked Tolsman if he enjoyed a little bit of cat litter sprayed on jelly. Exact text:

Q: Do you think you can craft another OG Anunoby at 7 o’clock?

A: That would be difficult, man. The way he’s heading… that would be really tough.

Obviously, this response does not prevent the transaction from being completed. Blazers can offer incentive along with only the seventh choice to sweeten the pot. Or the Raptors could decide that they don’t need to craft another OG Anunoby with choice, since they didn’t have room for the one they already had. They may find another prospect equally attractive.

However, this isn’t necessarily a great sign for those who think Anunoby to Portland would be a quick and simple exchange.

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