Source: Josh Harris would have paid $5 billion for the Broncos, if he had known it would get the deal done

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Broncos will be sold for $4.65 billion. Some in league circles believe it will reach $5 billion.

So why not go for $5 billion?

According to a source familiar with the dynamics, 76ers co-owner Josh Harris made it clear to those involved in the process that his group would pay $5 billion to the team, if they knew $5 billion would get the deal done. However, Harris was not granted this assertion.

His concern was that the Walton-Penner group would outgrow the bid, and would continue to do so until the team secured. This is one of the essential facts of the auction, whether it is for an NFL franchise or golf clubs in JFK.

So why didn’t Harris go for $5 billion and force Walton Benner up? We’re told Harris plans to pursue another franchise in the NFL. Thus, there was no reason to raise the price of the Broncos, when that becomes a precedent for the next deal.

The bottom line is that Harris is willing to pay $5 billion to buy the NFL franchise. He didn’t officially give $5 billion to the Broncos because they couldn’t guarantee he’d get the team. If another team wants to sell to Harris for $5 billion, it’s time to contact him.

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