Stephen Curry, the Warriors converted 7-point possession

The Boston Celtics were rocking home in Game Three on Wednesday.

But the Golden State Warriors – as they did throughout the NBA Finals – turned the momentum in their favor with an increase in the third quarter. They got a big boost from Stephen Curry, who led the seven-point acquisition with the help of a blatant foul on Alhorford.

With 5:07 left in the quarter, Curry pulled up for a 3 pointer at the top of the arc. Horford reached to defend the shot and collided with Curry as he landed. Curry’s bullet fell, and the whistle went off. Curry counted four points on his hands. His account was three short.

Horford’s error has been upgraded to a flagrant level

Officials initially called Horford to make a personal mistake to send Curry to the goal line for one free throw. But they reviewed the error, and referee Scott Foster announced that he had been promoted to Flagrant 1 “for not allowing the shooter to land safely.”

Stephen Curry shared a seven-point lead on Wednesday. (Photo by Maddy Meyer/Getty Images)

Horford planted his left foot under Curry’s body during his landing, which is stark in the book due to the potential for injury. Missile added free throw for curry and possession of warriors. Golden State capitalized on that as Otto Porter Jr. was connected to a 3 after Curry sank in a free throw. The possession that began with the Celtics leading 82-73 saw Golden State cut their deficit to 82-80 – a major shift in momentum in a game previously dominated by Boston.

It could be argued that the Warriors should thank this rule in place to begin with. During the 2017 Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia didn’t give space for Kawhi Leonard to land on a jumping shot. Leonard fell on Patchoulia’s foot and injured his left ankle.

The National Basketball Association later updated its blatant offending rules to include not giving space to bowlers to land safely.

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