Takeaway from the final week of Chicago Bears from OTAs

AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh

In the final week of OTAs, offense and defense had their days. While attack won on Monday, it was defense that got the best out of the fields and attack on Wednesday.

It was a particularly difficult day for Fields. But nothing alarmed Eberflus, which he likened to what happens during the match.

“So, when we play the game, this will happen during the course of the match, so we understand that, and I will talk to the players about that,” Eberlus said. “One side might struggle during the course of the game at first, or they play, sometimes it’s like, ‘Hey, this team has a really good attack,’ so our defense has to go ahead and play during the offense you have to dominate that game or vice versa.

“Or, we just have a hard time playing in defense at first, and our attack should affect them. It’s the Bears. It’s our soccer team. … That’s just a microcosm of the game, this week here.”

“I think that’s a great tutorial. Then we both roll, we’re both hot, and then we take control of our opponent, and then we win the game by 10 points. But especially in the NFL, you know it’s going down to the fourth quarter, and it’s going to be under seven.” So, we have to be ready to go. That’s why we’re training for all these situations because that’s what comes in this league.”

But Monday was a different story.

“The crime had a day suspended on Monday,” Eberfels said. “I think I counted 11 passes cut and one run during that day, and I think the defense came back on Wednesday, OK, and he did a really great job on the execution, and he had a lot of great plays on the ball. You guys saw some of the advice that was in, and it was There are some nice interceptions, today we have a lot of cute situations and a lot of two-minute stops, some red-zone scenarios, end-of-play, and we got that too.”

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