The Good and Not So Good from Day Two of the 49ers Minicamp

Santa Clara – Here’s who popped in on the second day of the 49ers mini camp.

The good

1. Quarterback Tree Lance.

Complete 10 of 15 pass attempts while playing without Depo Samuel, Brandon Ayok, George Keitel, Joan Jennings, Elijah Mitchell, Trent Williams, Daniel Brunskill and Mike McGlinchy. He also threw two long touchdown passes – one over the left side for Ray McCloud who beat Embry Thomas (more on him in a minute). The pass wobbled, but it was accurate and the receiver caught it, who cares? Jimmy Garoppolo would never have attempted this throw, let alone completed it. The second pass was down a deep spiral down the middle of the field to Jordan Matthews who was running a position. This was another pass that Garoppolo would not complete in a million years. But the objection was definitely one that Garoppolo could have thrown. On that play, Lance was under pressure, forced an over-center pass to KeeSean Johnson, and Leon O’Neill Jr. simply beat the receiver to the pickup point. Had it been Debo Samuel or Brandon Ayyuk, the pass might have been completed, but they didn’t train. With four practices in front of the media in this off-season, Lance completed 50 of 67 passes (74.6 percent), threw 6 touchdowns and 2 picks. it’s ready. The 49ers don’t need a Garoppolo anymore. It must be cut before training camp.

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