Wade Miley will be back tomorrow night

The Chicago Cubs rotation is a mess. I don’t mean that as a value judgment on talent at the moment! I mean the rotating structure. It’s quite of some kind.

Keep in mind that over the past few weeks, the cubs’ turnover has been disrupted by:

⇒ Two shooters injured (Wade Miley and Drew Smiley)

⇒Two double heads in a period of six days requires additional arms

⇒ 24 day period with only 1 day off

⇒ Move the dump switch to the spindle (Kegan Thompson)

⇒ Having a little arm that appears and dominates so you have to keep it in (Matt Swarmer)

⇒ Another guy’s arm appears and looks great but you can’t keep it all in (Caleb Killian)

Two vacation days scheduled over four days

⇒ and precipitation

These things, all together (not all bad things), completely eliminate your ability to maintain a consistent group rotation. So what will the rotation look like this weekend in New York and beyond?

Well, it’s a mess!

Cubs announce That Wade Miley will be back from IL tomorrow night to start in New York. So there is one. Matt Swarmer, who last showed on Saturday, will follow Miley, so he’ll have a week between the start. From there, someone should start on Sunday, and it will necessarily be someone else who hasn’t been involved in a long time. Marcus Strowman’s last start was on June 3, so it took a little over a week. It was Justin Steele on June 5th, so it would be a full week for him. Kyle Hendrix hasn’t made an offer since June 1, so he’s already looking at at least a 10-day layoff.

Then there’s Keegan Thompson, who is either the sixth starter in the spin, will be back in the bulls for a while, or next time he’ll replace Swarmer. Either way, he may also be looking for a very long lay-off before he starts again, so you can also let him out of the game if the right circumstances arise.

All that said, while it’s never ideal to play 17 days straight, the Cubs start tomorrow, at least the core shooters will be extraordinarily rested at first.

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