49ers news: Why Tre Lance will be the top ten fantasy midfielders this season

We’ve spent a lot of time on this site speculating on the outlook for Trey Lance both from an individual standpoint and for the team as well. One area we haven’t really touched on is fantasy football, and given that over 60 million people participate in fantasy football each year, I’d say it’s overdue.

On today’s Gold Diggers podcast, we have Fictional expert Michelle Magdzyuk Gave it took.

“I think he’s a top ten quarterback in fiction. People aren’t happy with this, but it’s not actually a daring thing at all. Galen Hurts was one of the top eight quarterbacks last year. He was actually from QB 1 all the way through Week 11 before he was… Get injured. Finish with QB 8. Tree Lance can do it easily. The thing is, if you play fantasy football, your moving quarterbacks are cheat code. So this amazing quarterback doesn’t have to be a top 10 quarterback, you should Being very average. Get those fast yards, get those fast descents, which I think he’ll do pretty easily. I’m sticking with that and I’m drafting Trey Lance wherever I can because he’s going to be late. He’s lag in the drafts. He’s going to be a fictional quarterback this year.”

With Lance starting a few games last season, it remains to be seen how many times he will take off and run once he is in position on a full-time basis. In his first start against the Cardinals, Kyle Shanahan kept the practice wheels on the game plan, and Lance ran 16 times for 89 yards (many of which were designed). Against the Texas, however, Trey carried the ball half a few times for 34 yards.

Assuming Trey can earn 40 yards dash per game next year, that would give him 680 yards for the season. This would have been the fourth-highest quarterback total in 2021, behind Galen Hurts, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. If last season’s use is any indication, Lance will also have his fair share of relegation opportunities too. Seven or eight hasty degrees out of the question.

In terms of yardage, things are also unclear. In two games last season, Trey averaged 220 yards in the air per game. Over the course of a 17-game season, the number comes to 3,740 games for an entire season, which I don’t think is unrealistic. He would have tied him up with the ghost of Ben Roethlisberger in 15th in the NFL last year. Assuming Trey isn’t a complete disaster and given the weapons around him, Lance should also throw 16-20 touchdown passes in the air.

You can certainly do worse than a quarterback who combines for over 4,400 yards and (hopefully) about 25-30 total touchdowns.

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