Alcántara Dealing for the Fish, MLB Makes Their Own Sticky Things, Pip Talks From Griffey Jr. , More

Not many baseball fans outside the Miami area (and there probably isn’t much inside) Watch out for the Marlins, but Sandy Alcántara gives us a reason to tune in to Marlins at least every five days.

Sandy Alcantara was darn good

Sandy Alcantara has been pretty impressive lately for the Miami Marlins, and last night was no exception: The 26-year-old right-hander threw a nine-goal innings for the Marlins against the Washington Nationals.

Alcántara hit six and allowed six while running his no-goal streak to 18 innings and lowered his ERA to 1.61 on the season. The Marlins needed additional roles to get the job done, so Alcantara ended up without a decision despite his best efforts.

Check out this 100 mph diver from Alcantara last night:

Sarah Lang collected some great numbers to highlight Alcantara’s recent streak of dominance over his last six starts:

As of today, Alcántara’s 1.61 ERA and 2.1 fWAR ranks third in MLB, and his 53.8 percent ballpark average ranks fifth in baseball. Not very shabby. Alcántara has a staggering five starting with eight or more innings this season. Logan Webb, Nestor Curtis, Justin Verlander, and Jameson Telon are next on that list, with two such starts a piece.

Is MLB creating its own “sticky stuff”?

We’ve known for some time that MLB has been working on a compromise to the sticky stuff dilemma, and the solution seems to be making their own version of the sticky stuff. One that helps increase the speed of the ball, aids in holding it, while not giving players an unfair boost to their spin rates.

“We’ve had a ball that has served the sport well for decades, and we’ve taken a number of steps to make baseball the most consistent game ever,” Morgan Sword, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball operations said in a statement. “As we continue to explore solutions to add vulgarity without physically increasing turnover rates, it is very difficult to correct, and we have set a very high standard for success.”

More on MLB’s foray into making their own sticky stuff from Evan Drellich of athlete:

What would you do if Ken Grevey, Jr. fired a bullet?

Levi Weaver the athlete Chat with Rangers’ Sam Huff. The latter received some encouraging words from the most awesome source ever, Ken Griffey Jr. The conversation returned in 2019 when Hof was still at the mansion and playing Futures in Cleveland.

Huff received encouragement before the match from the Hall of Famer, who told him he had a “special strength”. If that wasn’t cool enough, when Huff was called for a pinch in the seventh inning, Griffey, Jim Thome and Sean Casey approached Huff and called his shot…a home shot.

“Sean Casey, Jim Thom, and Ken Griffey all come in and shoot,” Huff recalls. “They’re like, ‘You’re going to do something big here, man. You’ll hit a bomb.”

No pressure, right? Hof dug a game-related bomb twice into the left field bench of the Progress Arena. You can’t make that kind of thing.

“That was history,” Hof said. “It kind of got me where I am. but she was Piece How did you do it. And I still, to this day, love him. that was awesome.”

Check out the full story from Eli Weaver:

Angel’s sliding cost Madon his job, but he wasn’t alone in the blame

Shohei Ohtani has only hit .179/ .333/ .385 in 48 PA during Maddon’s last 12 games, Mike Trout has been mired in the worst career slump, and his firing squad has been pretty bad. However, Joe Maddon fell to the sword as the Angels’ defeat streak climbed to 12 games earlier this week. Angels 0-2 since Phil Nevin took charge of Madon, Madon was shocked by the move and still has the itch in his management; Even Nickelback couldn’t save Halos last night.

Jay Jaffe dives into the streak of Angel losses that cost Joe Maddon his job in his final column in Fangraves:

Possibilities and endings…

• Bryce Harper marked his 14th home run of the season on Wednesday night as the Phillies beat the Brewers en route to their sixth straight win to open the month of June and the fifth in a row since Rob Thompson took charge of Joe Girardi. according to Phyllis Communications Department, Thompson is the first Phillies manager to win their first five games since 1915, when Pat Moran won his first eight. Thompson is also the first MLB manager to win his first five games as a manager since Jim Leland for the Detroit Tigers in 2006.

• I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I’m a huge fan of Alec Thomas, so it wouldn’t be surprising that I was happy to see this highway robbery on Reds player Joey Photo near Homer yesterday. The Diamondbacks went on to beat the Reds 7-0.

• The Possibilities and Endings section contains a little bit of everything happening today. We had a big race at home, a house robbery, and now we have a full run! Jesus Aguilar helped the Marlins beat the Nats 2-1 with a knockout at the bottom of Miami in the 10th inning, and it wasn’t a typical base kick. Aguilar’s scorer hit straight in a National Team turn but bounced off the second base bag and allowed Williams Astudillo to score from second!

• The wild doesn’t stop there… Salvador Pérez has bagged three on Wednesday afternoon, his first three sacks since 2017!

• I hope you’re keeping up with the wilderness so far because we’re not done yet. Aaron Hicks hit the field assist with a volley from a left-field throw, and it wasn’t really even a close game on the board. as Sarah Langs (Must follow baseball stats heads) notes that Hicks’ throw hit 97 mph, which is Hicks’ fastest throw since July 2019 and the Yankees’ second-fastest assist this season.

• Well, you saved the best in the past… Yadir Molina, 39, scored his first goal of his career in his 2181st MLB game. Albert Pujols’ reaction at 76 mph, which heck knows, was priceless!

• MLB SZN model project is my copy of Hot Gurrllll Summer:

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