Avalanche faces a tough call between goalkeepers Comber and Francoz in the cup final

Denver – Darcy Comber He is healthy and available to play for the Colorado Avalanche in the Stanley Cup Final, but it is unclear if he is a Pavel Francos Game 1 will start.

“It’s a tough decision,” coach Jared Bednar said on Thursday. “There will be talks about it. We will make a decision and go from there.”

Kuemper started all but one of the first 11 games after the avalanche season ended, but left in the second period of Game 1 of the Western Conference Final against the Edmonton Oilers with an upper body injury.

Francos rested him in that match and started in the next three, and an avalanche helped sweep the Oilers into the final for the first time since 2001.

Kuemper, who supported Francouz in Game 4, said there were no health issues.

“[I’m] Vision [the puck] It’s really good, Comber said. “It was fully taken care of 100 percent.”

Although he did not go into details of the injury, Kuemper confirmed that he had given head coach Matt Sokolowski advance notice of his need to rest in Game 1 so Francouz could prepare to enter the match.

Avalanche was winning 6-3 when Kuemper was knocked out at 7:19.

Comber said, “I just spoke to Matty that something had happened, and I didn’t want to throw ‘Frankie’ in there unexpectedly. So I told him to tell Frankie to start getting ready and at the time the TV was off, switch.”

Francoz helped Avalanche take an 8-6 win in the first game. He also came into relief in Game 3 of the first round of her sweeps series against the Nashville Predators when Comber clung on. Francouz also started Game 4 of that series.

“It’s never fun to watch from the sidelines, especially in the big games, but ‘Frankie’ came and did a great job,” Kuemper said. “It was great to watch the guys get out there and take wins and tackle the streak, and it was nice to be back in the squad for that last game and to be a part of it.

“It’s always hard to watch from the sidelines and you want to be there contributing, but when it’s going well, like I said, and the team is winning, you feel more comfortable than that, and you don’t regret that you let anyone down.”

Kuemper is 6-2 with 2.65 goals-to-average and 897 saves in 10 games. Francos 6-0 with 2.86 goals-to-average and 0.906 save percentage in six playoffs.

They are still being evaluated with certainty,” Bednar said. “The work is done now, that is rest and readiness.

“My criteria is to look at the body of their work and choose my starter. Simple.”

Avalanche will face the New York Rangers or the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Cup Final; Lightning advanced 3-2 into the Eastern Conference final with a 3-1 victory in Game Five in New York on Thursday.

Colorado, who completed a sweep of Edmonton on Monday, could lose 11 days between games.

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