Bleacher Report says Jahan Dotson is the most exciting addition to the leaders

The third round of organized team activities for the Washington leaders are included on Thursday, so they will now take a five-day layover before the mandatory small camp begins next week from June 14-16. You know what that means?

The 2022 regular season is officially less than 100 days away. It’s as if yesterday we were getting ready for a free agency. This is now a distant memory, along with the draft. Soon, OTAs and mini campers will be just a picture on the radar.

Like all teams, the leaders are hoping they can do enough to improve their roster this season. Other clubs have been noticeably more aggressive than Washington, who has relied on recruiting, re-contracting their players and making small transfers around making impressive moves in the free agency and in the commercial market.

As everyone looks forward to the 2022 campaign, Bleacher Report has published an article highlighting each team’s most exciting off-season addition.

For some clubs, the candidates were obvious; Dolphins, Terek Hill, Chargers, Khalil Mack, Broncos, Russell Wilson, Invaders, Davante Adams, Eagles, AJ Brown, etc.

As for the leaders, it’s first-round rookie Jehan Dotson, not the veteran, whom Bleacher Report considers their most exciting car.

Bleacher Report WR rated Jahan Dotson as the most exciting off-season addition for leaders.

Dotson was one of several first-round picks to eliminate Bleacher Reports’ roster, but that doesn’t make her any less impressive. After all, the Apprentice has outdone veteran offensive lineman Andrew Norwell and Trai Turner, both of whom are expected to start next season and are expected to replace Brandon Sheriff in the right guard.

Here’s what author Alex Kay had to say about Dotson.

Few of the petitioners possess the kind of impulsiveness and speed that Dotson displays. He is one of the smoothest athletes and uses his agility and speed to create a separation from the defender. He’s made plenty of standout shots in traffic as well, including a one-handed capture against Ohio State in 2020.

After that game in which he scored three times, Dotson told reporters, “I handle that with a million dollars. It’s a million dollars in the air. If you want it, go get it. Every time the ball is in the air, it’s a chance to make a name for yourself.” .

That’s very high praise for a Penn State product. In the vacuum, it makes sense why it’s considered Washington’s sexiest pick-up, as he is expected to take over as WR2 behind Terry McLaurin while Curtis Samuel runs out of the hole and moves around the field as an all-purpose gun.

Speaking of McLaurin, the award-winning contract holder presented Dotson with a golden opportunity to showcase his skills at OTAs. According to Logan Poulsen, Dotson did more than that, saying the 16th overall pick was nearly unstoppable with his skilful course on the road and his ability to run errands in traffic.

That’s sure to make the fan base hype.

Yes, Dotson will have to establish himself on the podium on Sundays in the fall. Yes, many players throughout the league are dazzled during OTAs, as players do not wear pads and minimal contact is allowed. However, there is a distinct difference between a novice who impresses and one who is virtually unstoppable against seasoned vets.

While the character of Norwell and Turner pays huge dividends to the offensive line, Dotson is without a doubt the most extravagant off-season addition in Washington and we can’t wait to see him take the field in his first game.

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