Casey Miz will undergo Tommy John’s surgery

Right hand tigers Casey Miz He’s going to have a Tommy John operation. Director AJ Hinch gave the news to reporters, including Chris McCuskey in the Detroit Newswhich reports that Miz’s ulnar collateral ligament has not ruptured, but is so tight that it no longer has elasticity.

This news was clearly a disappointment to both The Miz and the team. The first overall pick for the 2018 draft, Mize has long been seen as one of baseball’s top prospects and a key component of the Tigers’ future success. Last year was his first full season in the Majors, in which Mize threw 150 innings 1/3 with a 3.71 ERA, 19.3% strike rate, 6.7% walking average and 48.1% ball rate.

Based on the work of Miz and his fellow young rookie Matt Manning And the Tarek ScobalThe club felt it was time to get aggressive and spend some money on talented veterans to complement their young core. They gave multi-year deals to Javier BaezAnd the Eduardo Rodriguez And the Andrew Chavin This is off season, hoping to move from rebuilding to competition.

Unfortunately, almost everything has gone wrong in Detroit this year, with many players losing a significant amount of time to injury. The starting cycle was particularly affected, with The Miz, Manning and Rodriguez all suffering from various illnesses, as well as Tyler Alexander and Michael Pineda.

In the case of Mize, it was hoped he would take a step forward in his development this year, his 25-year-old season. Instead, he was only able to make a couple of starts before landing on the injured list back in April. In the days following this IL situation, Mize began a throwing program, and the Tigers seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as the major absence was averted. However, over the ensuing months, repeated attempts to start throwing eventually led to more annoyance and shutdowns. It now appears that instead of the breakthrough year many were hoping for, 2022 will become the Miz’s lost season. The year 2023 will also be a question mark, given the typical 12-18 months recovery period that is generally required to recover from Tommy John’s surgery.

In the short term, this will hurt the tigers’ chances of recovering from their miserable start to the season. They’ve gone from 10 to 23 in their first 33 games but have made it 13-10 since then. The resulting 23-33 record still isn’t great, but they’re only six games out of the post-season in this year’s extended playoffs. With so many starters on the shelves, the club has been reliant on unproven youngsters like Alex Faedo, Elvin Rodriguez and Beau Brieske, who will have to continue for the time being.

In the long run, Mize will follow Spencer Turnbull down the Tommy John track, where he also underwent the procedure last year. By the time Mize returns in late 2023 or early 2024, it is likely that the Tigers can finally have the elite rotation they dreamed of with Mize, Turnbull, Manning, Skubal and Eduardo Rodriguez, all in good health, with Faedo And Brieske, Elvin Rodriguez, Joey Wentz, and other bombers are making their way into the mix, too, though all of that has to wait.

More is coming.

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