Copper Cup: Players can trust that the Rams will take care of you

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The Rams family has made headlines several times this week, and wide receiver Cooper Cup believes these stories are a sign of why players feel good sitting at the negotiating table with the team.

Defensive intervention Aaron Donald secured a big new deal with the team early in the week and Cope signed his own extension two days later. The deals were a continuation of an approach that saw the team do whatever it takes to secure the team’s veteran stars and Kupp believes it sends a positive message to players about how the team handles its business.

“All things business on the business side, we can trust the organization to be a place that will take care of you,” Cobb said via’s Sarah Barshop. “They’ll be able to step in. There’s going to be respect and an understanding that these things are going to work themselves out. So we have a lot of guys who take the right approach mentally to be the best versions of themselves first and let the business side of things sort of work themselves out.”

Rams Matthew Stafford signed a new deal earlier in the season in another move that fits their approach of keeping players happy and on the roster. This may not be a permanent team building approach, but it paid off in one episode and the team sticks to the script while they chase after a second episode.

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