Former Boston Bruins coach Cassidy has already spoken to NHL teams

One thing is for sure: Bruce Cassidy won’t be out of work for long after being fired as head coach of the Boston Bruins this week.

The longtime Boston Bruins coach gave a presentation with members of the media in the Boston Bruins on Thursday and spoke for about an hour while taking questions from all of the reporters on the call. Among the things that have been learned is that Cassidy has already spoken to “a number of NHL teams” about key coaching jobs and that he plans to train again next season if the right job presents itself.

“At the end of the day, do I still want to be here? Sure,” Cassidy said, about staying with the Boston Bruins for next season. “Do I want to train in this league? Yes, and as quickly as possible. What I do is train, and I love doing that.

“Obviously I have a family, so I have to make sure it’s the right opportunity for myself and my family. And that I’m the right person for them and they are right for me. But yeah, 100 percent.”

Cassidy’s record as a successful, innovative, and highly competent NHL coach speaks for itself with 245 wins in his six seasons managing the team as they moved into the playoffs each season and guided them to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final during the 2019 playoffs. He said during Wednesday’s conversation with the media that he was originally told he would return to coach the 2022-23 NHL season in the final year of his contract, then was notified that he had been fired when Don Sweeney paid a visit to his Winchester home on the afternoon. Monday.

So where will Cassidy end up next season if he’s already training again so quickly?

Frank Seravalli He noted that Cassidy is “on the list” for the Philadelphia Flyers, and that he was linked to a talented young group of Detroit Red Wings during early speculation as well. ONE TEAM TO LOOK ON: The Florida Panthers have the kind of veteran group that’s on the verge of something special, and Cassidy’s ability to train PP, cultivate attack and deliver defensive grit for a hockey team may be exactly what is needed with the high-grade Panthers.

Cassidy will face stiff competition for NHL jobs with well-known names like Barry Trotz, John Tortorella and Mike Babcock looking for work as well, but he’s excited to be in the position even if he doesn’t want to be there at all initially.

“I’m a free agent, of course, now and haven’t held this position for a long time,” Cassidy said. “I didn’t ask to be in this situation, to be completely honest with you. At the end of the day, I have friends in the industry and I have a lot of respect that’s been in the industry for a long time. And I have new friends over it.”

“There are always discussions about hockey, career paths, etc., but at the end of the day, for me, [it’s about] Find the right place. For all I know, one of my friends might end up becoming the next coach for the Boston Bruins. This is just part of the job. There are always a lot of good coaches out there who are looking for the right opportunity to prove themselves. I was one of those guys once and now I feel like I’ve progressed a lot because I’ve been able to build my resume and gain some experience in a solid organization with great hockey players. It helped me, but here I am. “

Wherever Cassidy has landed, his past record indicates that he will be very successful on his next landing point and could really torment the fired Boston Bruins if he ends up taking a vacant position in the Atlantic Division.

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