Hawks interested in moving John Collins

Jake Fisher: There’s someone I spoke to today who just spoke to Atlanta in recent days and said that John Collins is clearly the guy I’m most interested in moving to.
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What is the hype on Twitter?

Lou Murray @Law

Only 10 players still with their original teams after being selected in the 2017 NBA Draft:
3. Jason Tatum
5. Dyaron Fox
6. Jonathan Isaac
13. Donovan Mitchell
14. Pam Adebayo
19. John Collins
23. OG Anunoby
45. Dillon Brooks
49. Flatko Kankar
51- Monte Morris – 8:25 pm

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Jake Fisher on John Collins: He was definitely mentioned as a Portland trade candidate (…) I remember San Antonio being attached to him when he was struggling to get that deal done. -Via Spotify / June 10, 2022 Another player frequently mentioned on Portland’s radar, Atlanta player John Collins, is a potent threat who could provide more defensive versatility than Josef Nurkic. – Via The Ringer/June 7, 2022, Collins should be considered the person most likely to move, as the Hawks don’t have high-ranking commercial pieces to vastly improve the roster. It’s Collins or Capella, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see both elsewhere, even though they are both meaningful players to the Hawks. Via Athletic / April 28, 2022

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