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Cars drive live on Mulsanne during the Le Mans 24 Hours 2017

Cars drive live on Mulsanne during the Le Mans 24 Hours 2017
picture: Dean Trimmel / Red Bull (Getty Images)

This weekend kicks off the 90 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s finest motorsport. Whether you’re new to the World Endurance Championship, haven’t caught up with all the news getting ready to race, or you’re an avid fan who just needs a refresher, we’re here to help you catch up on an action.

What are 24 hours in Le Mans?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an endurance event that is awarded to the winner based on the vehicle Most courses are completed within 24 hours. The race on public roads began in Le Mans, France in 1923, and has continued since then except for a long interruption of World War II.

Along with the Indianapolis 500 and Monaco Grand Prix (or the Formula 1 World Championship, whichever you prefer), the 24 Hours of Le Mans is part of the iconic Triple Crown of racing, which marks the mastery of the various disciplines of motorsport. To win at Le Mans, you not only need to own the type of car that can compete for 24 hours, but you need to get along with your teammates and learn how to compete as a team.

The race has also become an important testing ground for automotive technology on the endurance front.

Japan's Ryo Hirakawa drives the Toyota GR010 Hybrid Hypercar WEC during the second free practice session of the 90th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, on June 8, 2022.

Japan’s Ryo Hirakawa drives the Toyota GR010 Hybrid Hypercar WEC during the second free practice session of the 90th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, on June 8, 2022.
picture: Jean-Francois Monnier / Agence France-Presse (Getty Images)

Le Mans class formats

If you’re new to endurance racing, the look is a bit like this: there are multiple classes of cars competing on the grid at the same time. While each car will be awarded an overall placement at the end to determine the overall winners, each class also fights for a place within its specific subgroup of cars.

For 2022, the Le Mans classes are as follows:

  • Hypercar (5 cars): Class One and the cars expected to win the race, Hypercars are first-use prototypes at the highest level of manufacturer engineering.
  • LMP2 (27 cars): The LMP2 is a lower level racing prototype, with cars built by one of four different manufacturers and one engine supplier. This means that they are big spec machines with the same Gibson V8 engines.
  • GTE Pro (7 cars): The two GTE classes compete in race cars that are very similar to the ones you’d find on the road. The GTE Pro competes with the latest machines and the most experienced drivers.
  • GTE AM (23 cars): The GTE AM uses cars that are slightly older than the GTE Pro, and the driver lineup often consists of “newer” drivers who may not be as experienced as the Pro drivers.

Le Mans 2022 starting lineup 24 hours by category

Hyper Car

  1. No. 7 Toyota Gazoo Racing: M. Conway, K. Kobayashi, J. Lopez
  2. No. 708 Glickenhaus Racing: O. Pla, R. Dumas, L. Derani
  3. No. 709 Glickenhaus Racing: R. Briscoe, R. Westbrook, F. Mailleux
  4. No. 36 Alpine ELF Team: A. Negrão, N. Lapierre, M. Vaxiviere
  5. No. 8 Toyota Gazoo Racing: S. Buemi, B. Hartley, R. Hirakawa


  1. No. 31 WRT: S. Gelael, R. Frijns, R. Rast
  2. No. 38 gutta: t. Gonzalez, A.; Da Costa, and . Stevens
  3. #41 Realteam by WRT: R. Andrade, F. Habsburg, N. Nato
  4. No. 23 United Autosports: A. Lynn, O.Jarvis, J.Pererson
  5. No. 22 United Autosports: P. Hanson, F. Albuquerque, W. Owen
  6. No. 9 Prima Orlean Team: R. Kubica, L. Deletraz, L. Colombo
  7. No. 1 Richard Mill Racing: L. Wadoux, S. Ogier, C. Milesi
  8. No. 65 Banes Racing: J Canal, N Jamin, J Van Uetert
  9. No. 5 Team Penske: De Cameron, E. Collard, F Nasr
  10. No. 32 WRT Team: R. Ineichen, M. Bortolotti, D. Vanthoor
  11. No. 11 Duquesne Team: R. Bradley, J. Rogas, R.; de gyros
  12. No. 37 Cool Racing: Y.Ye, R. Taylor, N. Kruetten
  13. No. 28 Gutta: O. Rasmussen, E. Jones, J. Aberdein
  14. No. 48 IDEC Sport: P. Lafargue, P. Chatin, P. Pilet
  15. No. 34 International Europol Competition: J. Smiechowski, A. Brundle, E. Gutierrez
  16. No. 24 Nielsen Racing: R. Sales, M. Bell, B. Hanley
  17. No. 35 Ultimate: J. Lahaye, M. Lahaye, F. Heriau
  18. No. 44 ARC Bratislava: M. Konopka, B. Viscaal, T. Vautier
  19. No. 39 Graff Racing: E. Trouillet, S. Page, D. Droux
  20. No. 3 DKR Engineering: L. Horr, J. Glorieux, A. Cougnaud
  21. #47: Algarve Pro Racing: S. Florsch, c. Valbe, J. Aitken
  22. No. 83 AF Corse: F. Perrodo, N. Nielsen, A. Rovera
  23. No. 27 CD Sport: C. Cresp, M. Jensen, S. Palette
  24. No. 43 International Europol: D. Heinemeier-Hansson, F. Sherer, P. Fittipaldi
  25. No. 10 Vector Sport: N. Müller, R. Cullen, S. Bourdais
  26. No. 13 TDS Racing x Valliante: P. Cimadomo, M. Beche, T. van der Helm
  27. No. 45 Algarve Pro Racing: S. Thomas, J. Allen, R. Binder

GTE Pro:

  1. No. 92 Porsche GT Team: M Christensen, K Esther, L Vanthur
  2. No. 63 Corvette Racing: A. Garcia, J. Taylor, N. Catsburg
  3. No. 91 Porsche GT Team: J. Bruni, R. Leitz, F. Makovitzky
  4. No. 64 Corvette Racing: T Milner, N Tandy, A Sims
  5. No. 51 AF Corse: A. Pier Guidi, J. Calado, D. Serra
  6. No. 52 AF Corse: M. Molina, A. Fuoco, D. Rigon
  7. No. 74 Riley Motorsports: F. Fraga, S.Bird, S. Van Gisbergen

GTE am

  1. No. 98 NW Amr: P. Dalla Lana, D. Pittard, N. Thiim
  2. No. 57 Kessel Racing: T. Kimura, F. Schandorff, M. Jensen
  3. No. 54 AF Course: T. Fleur, F.; Castellaci, N.; Cassidy
  4. No. 85 Iron Dams: R. Fry, M. Gatting, S.; Buffy
  5. No. 77 Dempsey Proton Race: C. Reed, S. Priulex, H. Tincknell
  6. No. 61 AF Corse: L. Prette, C. Grunewald, V. Abril
  7. No. 86 GR Racing: M. Wainwright, R. Pera, B. Barker
  8. No. 56 Team Project 1: B. Iribe, O. Millroy, B. Barnicoat
  9. No. 46 Team Project 1: M. Cairoli, M. Pedersen, N. Leutwiler
  10. No. 79 WeatherTech Racing: C. MacNeil, J. Andlauer, T. Merrill
  11. No. 99 Hardpoint Motorsport: A. Haryanto, A. Picariello, M. Rump
  12. No. 59 Start of the race: A. West, C. Ledogar, M. Klein
  13. No. 21 AF Corse: S. Mann, C. Ulrich, T. Vilander
  14. No. 55 Spirit of Race: Dr. Cameron, M. Griffin, de Berel
  15. No. 75 Iron Lynx: P. Ehret, C. Hook, N. Varrone
  16. No. 66 JMW Motorsport: R. van der Zande, M. Kvamme, J. Hart
  17. No. 777 D’Station Racing: S. Hoshino, T. Fuji, C. Fagg
  18. No. 88 Dempsey Proton Racing: F. Bordad, M. Root, J. Helen
  19. No. 33 TF Sport: B. Keating, H. Chaves, M. Sorensen
  20. No. 60 Iron Lynx: C. Shiavoni, A. Balzan, R. Giammaria
  21. No. 93 Proton Competition: M Fassbender, M Campbell, Z Robichon
  22. No. 80 Iron Lynx: M. Cressoni, G. Fisichella, R. Heitstand
  23. No. 71 Spirit of the Race: F. Dezoteux, P. Ragues, G. Aubry

How to watch Le Mans 2022 24 Hours

In America, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is available exclusively on MotorTrend TV channel or MotorTrend + streaming app. Coverage begins on Saturday, June 11 at 9:30 a.m. ET, and you will be able to view the reporting actions. If you’re a MotorTrend+ subscriber, you’ll also be up to date on dashcam streams and other special presentations throughout the race.

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