If the Pistons trade with Jeramy Grant, they’ll need a veteran captain

The Detroit Pistons are one of the youngest teams in the NBA and they could get even younger depending on what’s going on with Jeramy Grant.

But teams need veterans to compete, as evidenced by the Phoenix Suns, who went from three straight years at the bottom to one of the best teams in the NBA after adding Chris Paul.

The Suns, like the Pistons now, have long been everyone’s jokes. The Suns found their star in the draft, added some young talent around him and then pushed the veteran to the next level.

With the right moves in the NBA draft and free agency, the Detroit Pistons could find the same success as the Suns. Start by getting the right Veteran Leader. The Pistons need more Veterans anyway, but if they end up trading the grant, that need will only increase.

Detroit Pistons: The Importance of Having a Veteran Leader

The importance of an experienced NBA player on the roster cannot be overstated. The effect goes far beyond box points. For starters, they hold younger players to account, often hold team meetings, and make sure everything that needs to be done gets done.

Vets are also usually past the point where they need to “feel” the game, or understand the league. Things have already been clicked and they are ready to drive. Cady Cunningham, Bey’s friend and the mutant of the mysterious draft are all young pups and they have a lot to learn. There is no better teacher than experience, and it is better to look up and then the man sitting next to you or dribbling on the field next to you.

Troy Weaver knows that having a balanced menu is important

While Troy Weaver understands the importance of youth and building through the draft, he’s old enough to see the “old NBA” when teams weren’t routinely made up of men in their early twenties as it is now on some teams.

He also knows the benefit of having an age-balanced menu:

“You need really good players who are really good people to help lead these guys. You can’t have a team of 15 guys under the age of 24. They will eat each other and they will not all survive.”

It takes a mix of talent, character and experience to win the NBA, and if the Detroit Pistons are to take the next step as a franchise, they need more veteran talent to balance their roster.

This would be especially true if the Pistons ended up trading with Jeramy Grant, as he is one of the only veterans. The player does not have to be a star, but rather someone who plays a valuable role on and off the field.

Fit veterans compliment younger stars, as seen with Marcus Smart and Al Horford with Jason Tatum in Boston, or Chris Paul with Devin Booker and Dender Eaton. If the Pistons Trade Grant, they will need to find a veteran leader to replace him or risk taking a huge step backwards.

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